7 Best Serial Killer Movies Too Eat Fava Beans With

Posted by: Michael

The serial Killer genre is one of my favourite horror film sub genres and needless to say making a list of my favourite serial killer films is much easier said then done but that is not going to stop me from trying. Below I have done my best to put together a list of seven serial killer films that every horror fan should have in their collection. If you like the sub-genre of the psychopathic killer then this is a list of films that should be in your closet.. or perhaps your cellar next to that body you have been meaning to dispose of J

Silence of the Lambs: Based on the title of this article alone you probably knew Silence of the Lambs would make the list. Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster its one of the creepiest serial killer movies ever made. Anthony Hopkins plays the perfect character of deranged killer turned FBI profiler and plays the complex serial killer down to a T as he helps Jodie Foster track down the serial killer Buffalo Bill while workings towards his own diabolical plan that entails an impromptu face plant surgery and a gutting or two. Never before has a man helping hunt a serial killer been creepier or scarier than the killer being hunted! Silence of the Lambs spawned a few sequels none of which lived up to the magic of the original but HANNIBAL did come close.

The Zodiac: David Fincher has managed to deliver with The Zodiac Killer a true piece of master piece theatre. If you are a fan of true crime then you will really appreciate this film for its honest portrayal of the events that took place as The Zodiac Killer went on his murderous spree and then just disappeared into the darkness. Starring Jake Gylenhaal and Mark Ruffalo The Zodiac is a truly fantastic whodunit with heavy emphasis on the facts of the case. Quick side note if you don’t own the film the special edition of the ZODIAC is the one you will want to buy as it has a massive collection of special features including a timeline piece where they talk to every person involved including the police officer who was first on the scene of the first killing. Adding to the thrills there is an interview with the Zodiacs only survivor and even an interview with the #1 suspect as of today. The Zodiac is the definition of creepy and David Finchers passion for the film comes through loud and clear in the special features which could have been its own stand alone film.  

American Psycho: Christian Bale is best known for his role as The Dark Knight right now or perhaps John Conner from Terminator Salvation but he has a lot more depth than these films show and PSYCHO was his first film that really made me pay attention. Psycho stars Christian Bale as a day trader by day who likes to chop up and mutilate people by night. For desert he enjoys sadistic adn violent sexual acts and running around naked chasing women chainsaw. Psycho is a fantastic dark and violent look at the life of the elite and a dark killer who lives in their midst. Directed by Mary Harron and co-starring Reese Witherspoon and Willem Dafoe it is an experience to be had. ( Interesting side note the film was delayed for some time since the studio originally wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead role but the filmmakers refused and held out for Christian Bale ).

Se7en: Brad Pitt has made a lot of cliché films over the years but one of his best performances to date is definitely SEVEN with a close second being Kalifornia. In Seven he plays a rookie detective who is trying to hunt down a serial killer who is murdering people based off the bibles 7 deadly sins. Co-starring Morgan Freeman as his older partner and Gwyneth Paltrow it has one of the most shocking endings that will definitely make you shudder. Se7en is dark, violent and disturbing and is a tale of violent religious zeal, hard choices and human tragedy. A truly mesmerizing film that will have you on the edge of your seat and one of the best films that Brad Pitt has ever done.

SAW: SAW may have inspired a whole series of weak kneed sequels but that cannot take away from the fact that the original shoe string movie developed by James Wan and Darren Lynn Boussman is one of the few great serial killer films to come out in recent years. The film starts out with two men chained in opposite corners of a cellar asked to play a game by the diabolical killer JIGSAW. The two men must make like Survivor and outwit and literally outplay to survive the spiders web of terror they are cast in. SAW is well written and plays out like a well choreographed stage play and climaxes with one of the greatest last 5 minutes ever in a horror movie.

Mr Brooks: I am not sure how many people saw Mr Brooks but when I finally saw this film on DVD I was truly impressed. Mr Brooks stars Kevin Costner as a well to do business man with a secret. He has a penchant for killing people and has been doing so unbeknownst to his community and family for years. The film co-stars Demi Moore as a detective out to hunt down Mr Brooks but her role is frankly quite irrelevant to the overall arc of the film. The real story is how a young photographer played by Dane Cook catches him in the act and forces him to teach him his ways and bring him along. A truly unique serial killer film and one of the few good roles Dane Cook has played. A great cast and great direction make Mr Brooks a must see. The ending is also one of those fantastic out of left field endings which unfortunately they do manage to ruin. Watch it and come back and tell me if you agree.

Psycho: How can you possibly make a list about the best Serial killer movies and not include the classic Alfred Hitchock movie Psycho? Simply put you can’t. Psycho is one of the greatest serial killer movies ever made and tells the story of Norma Bates who runs a local motel and has a deep dark secret in his house. Psycho plays out like a stage play with an emphasis on the scares beyond the camera and ‘impied violence’. Combine this with a great score and awesome writing and you have a truly terrifying serial killer experience. Very few have managed since to captivate the magic of true suspense storytelling but many have tried and the closest I have seen since was Adam Greens SPIRAL. A bit off topic but go check it out as well.

So there you have it my seven best serial killer movies to enjoy with Fava Beans, or any beans for that matter. Check them all out at your local video store or snag em on Netflix. Most importantly take a minute and leave me some comments on what your favourites are so I can add them to my own cue to watch.


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