Ancelotti: Bayern was much better than us in the first match

-We have to try to make the most of our stadium. We have a great hope and chance to reach the final again. Given the difficulties, which are many, we will try to do our best tomorrow.

-As clubs, we are similar. These are clubs with a great history and many successes. I think we respect each other and that’s fair. We have to respect our opponents because they performed very well and were much better than us in the first match. We are so excited that it could be another magical night for us, but we are not optimistic. We are aware of the difficulties.

– Lunin will play if I don’t change my mind today. Yes, two colors will play. The plan of a player returning from such a serious injury does not change due to the situation. Tebow played because he was feeling very good and will now have to take some time to recover. The plan changed because of the meeting. He played a great game, but he has to be at his best.

– incentivize? It is simply worth a try. With all the feelings in the world. This is great motivation. Before the match there is anxiety and a little fear. The preparations for the semi-finals are amazing. It gives a lot of stimulation.

– We need a strong and fast match… Looking at the first match, we could have done a lot defensively. It was an intense match.

-I think it’s Real Madrid and we have this team. I trust the fans who help us. We believe we are on the right side, and so is Tuchel. Today we are happy, tomorrow we are worried.

– My departure from Bayern? It’s an old story. Let me explain this in two ways. In the end we have to do the work, we have an idea and we have to have the support of the club, because if not, your business will not go well. When this support fails, it is better to part ways, as happened at Bayern. I have a great relationship with Hoeness and Rummenigge. When you don’t have support, it’s better to break up and avoid problems.

– to celebrate? On Saturday we were happy that we won the match and then the championship. We had to contain our joy to prepare for this match. Now the league has been put aside, and on Thursday we will think about how to celebrate. Of course we will celebrate.

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