They built the first house out of fungi.  The first Daredevils will move in this year

The Czechs are convinced that the fungal compound has properties suitable for use in construction. – This innovative material can be used to insulate exterior walls, ceilings and floors, as a non-bearing home structure, It completely eliminates thermal bridges and is an excellent sound insulator – says Jakob Seifert, President of the MYMO Association, which is involved with Buřinka in the project called SAMOROST.

– In addition, it can be crafted Modern furniture Or decorations – adds President Seifert.

The Czechs think so Myceliumi.e. the thallus that forms the body of the mushroom, It can replace polystyrene.

Although it sounds like science fiction, we have seen it from the beginning as a building block for the future. The fact that we were not wrong and chose the right path has now been confirmed – says Libor Fuřicki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Buřinka, initiator and donor of the SAMOROST project.

creative Fungi house It is designed in the shape of a mushroom umbrella. The building system is based on simplicity. The main insulation of the fungi is completed with a wooden supporting structure. – I wanted to imitate the appearance of wild umbrella mushrooms as closely as possible – revealed Thomas Kloza, author of the project. -We chose the green facade to connect the two residential parts – added the architect.

There should be more elements that refer to nature. – All this to make the interior space as functional as possible, but at the same time evoke a feeling of nature combined with luxury and delight guests at first sight. – says Karolina Petrikova, author of The Inner Book. For example, in the kitchen there will be a refrigerator and a gas stove connected to the sink, which will be supplied with water from a barrel placed in a cupboard under the kitchen table.

A mycelium house allows for an infinite variety of “mushroom” sizes, as well as their internal arrangement of rooms and applications. In this project, it was decided to combine the kitchen and seating area in one mushroom and the bedroom in the other.

In the kitchen, in addition to the worktop, shelves and cabinets, there is a seating area and a place for the dining table. There will be many gadgets in the bedroom: from storage spaces to areas specially designed for mobile phones, tablets and watches. Power for appliances, lighting equipment and charging will be provided by the battery. Electric heaters will provide warmth during cold winter periods.

Czech Fungi house It will be ready by the end of this year. – Example A typical house is intended as a living space, for example for a more luxurious space campingWhat is called camping in a prepared place. However, a building of this type will certainly find many uses, says Jakob Seifert.

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