Star Wars Jedi’s Cal Kestis finally has his own LEGO figure

The Red Hornet Cal Kestis – the main character of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Ocala – Getting access to the tail and the tail is an incredible honor and he will soon get his own. Minifigure building toys.

hiring 75394 – With the champion in the team – he will make his debut on August 1 Fold the tail into the tail mainly from the Star Destroyer. However, the set also includes a lot of figures: Darth Vader, Commander Bragi, several Imperial soldiers and Cal Kestis. We don’t know the Polish price, but we are talking about the famous bricks, certainly Saugon. It will not be 750 zlotys cheaper than before.

Presentćć Kestis is explained in the description as an addition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LEGO games based on the popular license. Special Material & Stroke; A video clip was published on this occasion at the end of April, and it was actually published, and then the tail appeared. Speculation about the hero, because˙ this It will appear&l; Cę In the film in the form of a block.

We will order it on the day&nacut; child

Characters from games ported to games from a famous manufacturer who were once ported to games by a famous manufacturer. The tail is a rare, but now increasingly frequent phenomenon. Sagon; However, these are often Mario or Sonic style heroes, not people from role-playing games. The Star Wars Jedi series is a bit of an exception, I already received the tail earlier. Even a separate set with the BD-1 robot.

We are currently waiting for the third partćć of the Star Wars Jedi series, although Ocala still does not run completely smoothly on PC. From EA, the tail has already increased˙ ćć Stig Asmussen, director of the previous two episodes. The developer has designed and decorated its own studio called Giant Skull and intends to take over the production of “premium AAA games”.

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