Sophie Durocher in tears: We told her the most beautiful “yes”.

If Sophie Durocher is a formidable journalist, there is no doubt about her keen sensibilities. Host and columnist Jean-François Baril was able to touch the heartstrings of QUB’s star host, who shed a few tears.

However, this substance gives most people a bitter taste: mother-in-law. Too intrusive, too pushy, too loud, too controlling… it is for many of them. But there are also in-laws who we love and want to welcome into our homes and make our lives better.

With the growing number of blended families, the term “stepparent” has also taken on a new meaning. The person becomes a surrogate father or mother. She becomes the hope of a united family and rediscovers happiness.

When Sophie marries Richard, the two girls find themselves at the heart of a new family. Then began the great challenge of acceptance. If Richard’s “yes” is important, so is the significance of the two girls.

In the video above, watch an emotional tribute to the mothers-in-law of Jean-François Baril and Sophie Durocher at QUB.

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