Investments are estimated at trillions of dollars.  The industry returns from China to Europe and the United States of America

Currently 47 percent, large companies from Europe and the United States have already invested in reshoring, that is, moving production From third countries to the local market – According to the report “Manufacturing Revival: Strategies for Remanufacturing in Europe and the United States” published on Tuesday. The report was based on research conducted in February 2024. A survey of 1,300 managers working in organizations with annual revenues exceeding one billion US dollars. In the United States of America, Great Britain and Continental EuropeIncluding France, Germany and Italy.

It has been observed in both the United States and Europe Investments in building or modernizing production plants are also increasing – mentioned. The report’s authors noted that the goal of these activities is to increase the resilience of supply chains in the face of potential disruptions.

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The report notes that in European and American companies from many industries (including, among others, the production of consumer goods, the energy and chemical industries and the industrial machinery and equipment sector) Cumulative investments in remanufacturing are expected to increase by 18% over the next three years. Compared to the past three years, it will reach $3.4 trillion. I add that $1.4 trillion are American investments, and the remaining $2 trillion are European investments.

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