Her partner cheated on her for more than three years.  I talked about it on TikTok

Infidelity is a common reason for the breakdown of many relationships. It is estimated that more than half of relationships in Poland end this way. Among the people who went through this traumatic experience is Karina Koszczko, known as President Zulza. On his TikTok profile, which has nearly 60,000 followers. She told People how she was cheated on by her partner of 3.5 years.

Kożuszko, whose social media profiles mainly deal with the topic of male-female relationships, psychology and widely understood femininity, spoke about infidelity in one of her recent recordings. Her story, full of manipulation and lies, surprised many of her followers.

He lied to her for 3.5 years

Chief Bitch’s partner cheated on her for 3.5 years. He took advantage of the fact that the woman was regularly visiting her family in Masuria and during that period he lived a double life. While his partner was away, the man installed Tinder and invited other women to their shared apartment. To avoid arousing their suspicions, he hid Kożuszko’s cosmetics in the washing machine or laundry basket. Previously, he would take pictures of how the products were arranged so that he could later arrange them on the shelf in the same way and arouse his partner’s suspicions.

Kożuszko’s story shows the complexity and pain of the consequences of betrayal. Her story reminds us how important trust and honesty are in relationships, but also how painful lying and its consequences can be.

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