Credit holidays.  The first banks estimated their impact on results for 2024.

Credit holidays. First banks estimate the impact on their results

The head of state’s decision caused pain – by the way – for the heads of the boards of directors of the largest banks in Poland. The first of them shared their estimates in stock exchange reports The potential impact of credit breaks on its financial results Th 2024 p.

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Millennium Bank started.

The bank appreciates this initially The impact of this law on the Group’s results will be between PLN 201 million and PLN 247 million before taxes. The estimated cost resulting from the law will be included in the results of the second quarter of 2024, and its final estimate will be provided in the financial statements for the first half of 2024, as we read in the report.

After several dozen minutes, PKO BP provided its estimates.

The Bank’s Board of Directors expects the results of the Bank’s capital group in the second quarter and throughout 2024 It will be collected by adjusting the gross book value of mortgage loans at an estimated value of approximately PLN 489 million. (Including adjustments to the gross book value of mortgage loans of PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA in the amount of approximately PLN 61 million) – the financial institution is calculated.

The state bank adds that its estimates were based on the assumption that “about 24 percent of customers have a mortgage loan” granted in their local currency.He has the right and decides to benefit from credit holidays“.

Credit holidays in a new way

However, current credit breaks will be different from those of the past. For those present An income criterion was introduced. Thus, people whose installments exceed 30% will be able to take advantage of credit holidays. Household income, which is calculated as an average of the previous three months, or people who support at least three children on the day of application.

Loan repayment will be suspended during these periods if the value of the loan granted does not exceed PLN 1.2 million.

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