[PHOTOS] Met Gala: Rita Ora doesn’t want to go to the bathroom because of her dress

Rita Ora admits that tackling her Tom Ford look for the Met Gala evening on May 6 was a tough challenge.

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Despite wearing a built-in flesh-colored bodysuit, the singer said she was worried about how to get to the bathroom later in the evening.

Getty Images via AFP

The 33-year-old star explained that her Tom Ford dress had “1-year-old beads on it.There is you 2e century BC


“These beads are hand-picked from across North Africa and Europe, and they exude a timeless beauty that dates back centuries,” he told Xtra.


“What’s really unique is playing with nature and time, understanding what beauty is for everyone; and it’s really cool to see. I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets it.”

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The theme of this year’s gala is “Garden of Time” in honor of the museum’s new exhibit. Sleeping Beauty: Awakening Fashion.

Getty Images via AFP

He appreciates the historical significance of the garment and is an interpreter You Only Love Me He talked about another moment of the evening. When reporters pointed out that she was able to walk the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in this look, the singer joked: “Yeah, but going to the bathroom is another thing.”

Getty Images via AFP

Rita Ora attended the event with her husband Taika Waititi (48).

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