The Gothic Classic Korinis Saga has been announced.  Buying a group copy of popular RPGs is more profitable than individual games

7 houses 2024, 17:49

Gothic Classic Korinis Saga will premiere on June 27. This is a collective edition of the first two parts of the series along with the Night of the Raven expansion for the Nintendo Switch console.

Image source: THQ Nordic


THQ Nordic announced this It is scheduled to hit the shelves on June 27 Classic Gothic Khorenis Sagai.e. a collective edition of the first two parts (and Appendix Night crow) from the beloved RPG series in our country in the Nintendo Switch version.

The new physical release is available for purchase at Official store THQ Nordic for EUR 39.99, which is approximately PLN 172 in our currency. For comparison: both parts are priced separately at €29.99, so when we decide to buy this set, we keep two pennies in our pockets.

In my opinion, this is still a lot of money for a set of two games that are more than twenty years old, which can be purchased on PC for PLN 12 during the promotion on Steam – and included in the collection with the third part. It is also worth noting the collector’s edition, which is not the cheapest Gothic remakeWhich he went to recently Pre-sale He met a lot of people Cash From fans.

As a reminder: Gothic Classic and Gothic 2 Complete Classic were released on the Nintendo Switch console last year. It featured a lot of small bug fixes that had been present in the PC version since the premiere (damned stairs!), but it also had some new issues. Fortunately, these have also been removed over time.

Both productions offer full versions in Polish.

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