An American soldier was arrested in Russia.  US Army statement

Soldier in the US Armywho was arrested in RussiaHe traveled to Vladivostok by China Without the approval of the military,” the US Army announced on Tuesday. It added that it was Sergeant Gordon Black.

He joined the Army as a Marine in 2008 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was recently assigned to Camp Humphreys, South Korea, and was scheduled to return to Fort Cavazos, Texas.

An American soldier was arrested in Russia. He was about to rob a woman

“Instead of going back to United State“Black flew from Incheon, Republic of Korea, via China, to Vladivostok, Russia, for personal reasons,” the US military said.

He concluded that there was no evidence that the soldier was He intended to stay in Russia after his vacation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported this The case has no political background and there are no allegations of espionage. The man is currently in pretrial detention.

The court in Vladivostok decided that Black would remain there until at least July 2.

The pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia reported that the man beat his girlfriend, a Russian, and stole her money and alcohol.

An American soldier was arrested in Russia. US Army statement

NBC News was first to report the officer’s arrest. CNN, citing American officials, also reported that the American embassy in Moscow had requested this The soldier arrives at the consulate He informed his family of his arrest.

This is not the first American detained in Russia. Among the detained American citizens: a Wall Street Journal reporter Ivan GershkovichWho was arrested in March of last year.

There was also another person among the detainees Navy – Paul Whelan. The uniformed officer was arrested in 2018. According to the US government, both Gershkovitch and Whelan were detained illegally.

sources: Reuters, Moscow Times, NBC News

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