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June 19th, 2018

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Review

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon just hit DVD and Bluray and now you might be asking yourself it the film is worth buying or renting? This is of course assuming you did not go and see this blockbuster smash hit while it was playing in theatres and destroying the box office.

Transformers 3 had a staggering budget just shy of $200million but Michael Bay once again proved that audiences were willing to line up in droves to see Hasbro’s Autobots and Decepticons go to war on the big screen in glorious 3D. The film has made over $1.2billion just in theatre ticket sales alone and it is a safe bet it will rack up quite a bit more in DVD and Bluray sales and video on demand rentals which is how I watched it.

I typically like films with substance but will admit to being a very big fan of Michael Bay’s. But despite this I passed on seeing the third film in the Transformers franchise in theatres. Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon’s incredibly long length and the fact that I was not a huge fan of the second Transformers movie meant I would wait for it to hit DVD shelves.

Having finally watched Transformers 3 this weekend I can confirm that Michael Bay brings back what he is known best for in the form of 2hours and 35minutes of giant robot antics that involves entire cities being destroyed, Decepticon’s being deceptive and of course slow motion montage’s featuring a female lead looking sexy, ready for business and provactive. If there is one thing Michael Bay has taught us it’s that you need chippy one liners, lots of action, sh*t blowing up and a smoking hot female lead that lets it all hang out.

Transformers 3 is everything that Michael Bay is good at its packed full of action, has plenty of over the top splashy effects and as mentioned features Rosie Huntington Whiteley who was on leave from the Victoria’s secret fashion show just long enough to replace Megan Fox and boy that has to be embarrassing. It is never a good sign when a model with no real acting experience can upstage you in her first attempt.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley takes over from Megan Fox as the love interest of Sam’s and despite some very negative backlash on the internet I think she did an outstanding job and was no worse or better then Megan Fox.

Transformers 3 needs no great description or pitch as it is a continuation of the first two films and offers pretty much more of the same. It has a bit less cheeky humour and has amped up the action but otherwise you get the same core characters, with a few new ones including Sentinel Prime voiced by Leonard Nimoy. The plot is very straight forward there are a few small twists and turns but for the most part it’s all about the action and the war on Cybertron over running earth in a big kind of way.

This third film is definitely the most violent and has scenes of humans being executed by Decepticon’s, profane language and the usual Michael Bay fare of over the top popcorn violence.  Needless to say do not sit and watch this movie with your youngsters unless you are ready with the remote to do some scene skipping and explaining.

Transformers 3 is a fast paced action film that is a fair end to the Transformers movie franchise that I think fans will truly appreciate. I give it an 8 out of 10 stars based on the intense visuals , great 3D camera work and oh yes all that insane and over the top action. If I rated it on story, acting and script… well that would be another review entirely. J

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  1. bradly woodard

    U guys made it look like u didn’t even care. About this one cuz the first two blew this one out the water I was dissapointed with it. Its the last one shouldn’t it be the best one? Just sayin

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