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May 22nd, 2018

A Serbian Film Brings Child Pornography Charges On Angel Sala

I can’t say this news shocks me all that much but even I have to say that bringing down exhibition of child pornography charges on the director of the Sitges Film Festival, Angel Sala, is a bit of a stretch. The charges are stemming from Sala hosting a screening of the widely controversial movie, A SERBIAN FILM [A Serbian Film Movie Review]. The film is extremely sexually graphic and I can easily pinpoint why these charges are being given, but there is nothing in the scenes that implies REAL sexual contact with a child. As much as I disagree with the inclusion of these morally questionable scenes I have to disagree that the charges are necessary; they could just as easily ban it be shown than make child pornography accusations [Torture Porn Redefined].

I don’t find it plausible that the charges will stick; there is no way to prove there is real sexual contact happening in the scenes in question and in one shocking scene the act occurs almost entirely offscreen. Regardless, the charges have been applied and it warrants discussion among A SERBIAN FILM lovers and haters as to rather or not the child pornography charges are justified. Sitges is not the only festival conducting screenings of the film and this is the first I’ve seen of these charges being passed down. Feel free to unload your thoughts on the subject below!

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  1. Anonymous

    i will likely never see the film just because of the scene that you are talking about Luke. Is it child porn? I have no idea… but I can see why its upset folks.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to disagree Luke but I think the charges are likely to stick. Under EU law simulated child pornography is illegal.
    I’ve not seen the movie and I’m not really interested in seeing it, what I’ve heard about it is enough to put me off.

  3. PDames

    Last time I checked Serbia isn’t part of the EU

  4. Anon01

    There was a big roumor about that movie…and to tell you the truth i don’t wanna watch it ..although the “scene” is a man raping few months old baby..awful

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