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April 21st, 2019

Bush Family Fortunes Review

Bush Family Fortunes is a documentary that will make you shake your head and want to throw something at your TV. If even half of what BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast reveals is true and you happen to be an American you may or may not be calling for a revolution depending on whether you are a democrat or a republican.

Bush Family Fortunes is a look at George W Bush’s career, his rise to power and the blatant back door activities that handed him the Presidential Office over Al Gore. Michael Moore already covered this with Fahrenheit 911 and really you will ask yourself is there really a need to do another documentary on the exact same topic? Normally I would say no but in this case I say yes. I am a big fan of Michael Moore’s filmmaking but let’s not kid ourselves he has an agenda with each and every film he makes and its as much about his political message as it is about the truth.

Greg Palast is a bit quirky in his presentation and it appears is stuck in a 50’s crime novel in his appearance as a cliché crime reporter but say what you will about how he dresses and acts he dug up the goods. Michael Moore revealed the icing and Greg Palast gets you through the icing, into the cake and down to the plate. Bush Family Fortunes reveals the lies, the deception and the absolute insanity that got George W Bush into the presidential office. From the Air National Guard Controversy to the 170,000+ Florida votes that were thrown out and never counted Bush Family Fortunes gives hard numbers, hard facts and shares documents I had no idea even existed and will leave you questioning democracy.

Greg Palast’s Bush Family Fortunes is shocking and disturbing in a way that Michael Moore could never be. Greg Palast’s film is shocking because it’s not simple facts wrapped up in a chuckle like Fahrenheit 9/11 its hard hitting truths, from people who were on the inside, and with documents to back it all up.

If you like Political documentaries and still live under the allusion that everyday people elect our leaders watch Bush Family Fortunes. In The Matrix Neo woke up to find out he was asleep and machines had taken over the world. What would you do if you found out you were asleep and a Saudi Family, The House of Saud now ran the US governments highest office? Watch this movie! Whether you agree with the politics or not you can’t disagree with the facts! Scary! I watched this on NetFlix on Demand and this is one of my favorite things about Netflix. Sure the titles are not the greatest for Canadian users but the Documentaries are fantastic and make it entirely worth while!


  1. It may be disturbing but those riches are sometimes out of our concern. If Bush was not the president of US will the people check on his accounts? No, because he will be an ordinary person. Sometimes people think that politicians are corrupt. I think they should check on themselves first.

  2. Jonathan Moore

    Hmm. So it’s heavily endorsed by Michael Moore*, with music by Moby to make it seem even more hip…and seems to have been created to make the viewer “question democracy” according to the reviewer?

    This implies there is a feasible alternative to democracy…I wonder what they might have in mind, eh Comrade?

    Oh, and the bit at the beginning of the review speaks volumes as well; “you may or may not call for a revolution, depending if you’re a democrat or a republican”. I have no doubt that that’s true, but not in the sense that the reviewer meant it. The democrats jump on any excuse to cry “revolution!” and the republicans would just say, when confronted with this book, “Yeah, what of it? To the victor go the spoils, deal with it”.

    *(whose Bowling for Columbine was edited in such a ham-fisted way that any fool can see he manipulated the Charleton Heston interview all to hell, and the part where he’s just walking into people’s homes in Toronto to prove they don’t lock their doors is pure bullshit…I was born and raised in T.O. and believe me, EVERYONE locks their doors. I don’t know how many doors he had to try before finding the 8 or 10 you see in the movie).

    • Anonymous

      great comment. Also worth noting as far as I am concerned no political party is better then the other. The USA Has had a two party system forever and the pattern is, get into office.. do what you want, opposition cries, moans and begs for revolution and change.. they win.. .same thing happens. Wash and repeat.

  3. Appaulledw

    Everyone associated w BHO is getting rich, will we see and docu on this … I doubt it! because we need to be focus on Bush, YET Al Gore as become a Billionaire w global warming and influence from the left pushing the interest from this Far Gore Buffoon.

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