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April 20th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 2 Release Announced

The Walking Dead is a monster and we already told you that AMC has greenlit a new season. Now comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that it will be coming next October. The good news is that unlike Season 1 of Walking Dead, Season 2 will have 13 episodes instead of 6. The reason they are releasing it next October is to capitalize on the large horror audience that will be tuning in for FEARFEST but frankly it also comes down to logisitics.

They cant produce the second season of Walking Dead fast enough to release it any sooner and if they could they should. They already have a ratings bonanza in October and Walking Dead has proven to lure in viewers so releasing it in June would give them two huge hits for the channel.


  1. So short, so great The Walking Dead season 1 is, but I foresee that season 2 will release as early as we are expecting it to be.

  2. harry ross

    i think that this website should have some videos !!

  3. Sheri Morwood

    cannot wait for season 2 of walking dead was hooked after first show love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Erin

    The Walking Dead is the BEST series ever can’t wait for season 2

  5. Brian P.

    I know this show is so bad I would watch 1000 episodes with no sleep and no food if I could!! easily my favorite show ever.

  6. TnaMari

    I can hardly wait!!!

  7. Lavleen mishra

     am eagrly waitn for season 2

  8. Lavleen mishra

     am eagrly waitn for season 2

  9. Lavleen mishra

     am eagrly waitn for season 2

  10. Ramsey4s

    Well i must say it is my favorite tv series but it should have followed the origional story from the comics. If it had Shane would have been shot and killed by Carl, Rick’s son. That should have been the closing of season 1. But thats my opinion and ive read all of the published comics and if you get a chance i suggest that you do to cus they leave out so much!

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