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October 16th, 2018

James Franco, Anne Hathaway to host the Oscars

Actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco will co-host the upcoming 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Hathaway already debuted on Oscar stage while assisting Hugh Jackman two years ago, however, apparently the Academy producers picked the duet after being impressed by their common performance hosting “Saturday Night Life” together.

Both of the actors are also likely to be nominated for Oscars this year – Franco from creepy survival drama “127 Hours,” and Hathaway – for the comedy “Love & Other Drugs.” What’s interesting, is that the two will become the youngest Oscar hosts in a really long time – which may be a good way to give the ceremony a fresh, youthful feel.

Surely, Hathaway and Franco will have a lot of pressure on them to pull off a decent ceremony, worthy of their senior predecessors including Steve Martin and Ellen Degeneres. But a great part of the success will depend on Academy Awards writers who need to get busy prepping material for the pair. Either way – the two young actors do have enough combined talent to do a good job.


  1. Wonderful choices for the hosts of the Oscars 2011.

  2. Watched the whole show. There were times that they look so awkward together but in genera, they’ve done a really good job.

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