The first case in which Trump will have to make bail.  The court made a decision

According to the decision published by the court, in order to avoid arrest, the former president must fulfill six conditions: dollars, refrain from violating the laws of Georgia and other states, appear in court as called, refrain from intimidating or threatening witnesses, and communicate with defendants and other witnesses about the case.

This is the first case in which Trump will be forced to make bail. The requirements not to intimidate witnesses are also more specific. Just before the charges were laid, Trump took to social media to criticize the witnesses who testified against him, including former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan. On another occasion, shortly after hearing the allegations in Washington, he threatened on his website that he would “take care” of those who spoke out against him.

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Next to Trump, 100,000 bail. slot. Also named are attorney John Eastman, author of The Strategy to Invalidate the Results of the 2020 Election and Declare Trump Victory, Ken Chesebrough, another committed attorney, and activist Scott Hall, who hacked into electoral systems in a county.

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