The great documentary film festival is preparing in Poznań

The largest film festival, Millennium Docs Against Gravity, starts on May 10.

It is worth going to Kino Moza not only to watch dozens of feature and short films, but also to attend the events accompanying the screenings.

The program of the event, which will last from May 10 to 19 in seven Polish cities, including Poznań, includes meetings with nearly two dozen guests: directors, film heroes and heroines, as well as experts. The festival map also includes venues like the Rewiry Club and Nowe Lokum Stonewall. Millennium Docs Against Gravity will also be moved to Lazarski Market Square – Festival spokeswoman Olga Sokal informed.

Music will be present at the festival in many forms. MDAG will be accompanied not only by the sounds of Chopin’s compositions, but also by direct beats from the 90s and American tunes. The following film script will be written by spectators and spectators at the Rewiry Club, at Nowy Lokum Stonewall and at Łazarski Market Square. – he adds

Here are some suggestions.
The migration crisis and artificial intelligence will be topics of discussion during the first weekend of the 21st edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity at Muza.

Friday 10/05 8:30 PM Official opening of the festival – Kino Moza

The program on the first day of the festival includes the opening film of the 21st MDAG session. After the screening of the film “The Jungle”, its director, Lydia Duda, and the heroes and heroines of this film will talk about Polish production.

Saturday 11.05 9:15 PM Lazarski Movie Review – Lazarski Market Square

On Saturday – in addition to the 15 shows at the Muse Museum – you can see the 16th show that day – in different conditions. In the evening, a special screening of “Pianoforte” by Jakub Petek will take place on Lazarski Market Square.

Sunday 12/05
15:00 Moza Cinema

On Sunday it is worth watching the movie “Stolen Body”. The documentary by Sophie Compton and Robin Hamlin is an excuse to talk about the use of technology, which is also used in animated films.

Thursday 05/16
10pm Riori Club – Rave Party

Thursday’s festival will be full of excitement. In the evening, at 8 pm, during a gala at the Muse, we will learn about the winning production, whose creator will receive the City-funded Freedom Prize and the sum of PLN 3,000. euro. Immediately afterwards will be screened the film “Rave”, which tells the story of techno music and rave culture in Poland. this.

Saturday 18.05
10pm Stonewall’s new location

After “Lil Nas LGBTQ+” movie. Most of the evening’s musical attention will be devoted to the black queer artist community, including the festival’s film hero.

The full program of festival events is now available at

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