United Kingdom: A 23-year-old man returned from Bali with a rare disease.  His body attacks itself

Tom Page went on an exotic vacation in Bali, and shortly after his return, he started having stomach problems. Later, the 23-year-old British man developed swelling around his eyes and throat. The doctors’ first conclusions were wrong, as they thought it was an allergy. But it turned out that the young man had contracted a rare and serious disease.

when 23 year old British man He was first admitted to hospital, given antihistamines and discharged home. However, this did not yield any results, so his friend returned him to the treatment center again.

This time his eyes and throat were swollen, he couldn’t speak and had difficulty breathing. young man He was in a medically induced coma for five days.

He returned from his vacation in Bali. He contracted Guillain-Barre disease

He was eventually diagnosed with the syndrome Jelena Parejo Which caused it The body “attacks” itself. The disease usually develops after infection of the immune system, which negatively affects the body’s nervous system. It is not known what causes this.

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The disease left the man paralyzed. He has to learn to walk again. – It was really terrifying. I have never heard of this disease in my life. You stopped my brother’s life – said 28-year-old Holly Page, quoted by the newspaper “The Independent”.

Tom is recovering, but it will take a long time

Fortunately, the man’s condition began to improve. He is accompanied by his family during treatment in the hospital. “Tom is doing great, he’s even started dressing himself. “They take his valve out for about 20 minutes every day to try to restart his throat muscles and teach him how to breathe through his nose and mouth,” his sister wrote on social media.

It also added recovery It will be a very slow process, but the patient “has a positive attitude“. “we too. “Thank you again for the great support we are receiving,” the 28-year-old added.

source: “Independent” / Independent.co.uk

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