Minimum wage in 2025. We know how much the minimum wage will increase in 2025. The Ministry of Finance provided the data

Minimum wage 2025 – how much will it be?

Everything indicates that the increase, unlike previous years, will be only once, not twice. There are two values ​​at stake: PLN 4,510.90 or PLN 4,617.80. The amount of the minimum wage increase next year was calculated by Lukasz Kozlowski, chief economist of the Polish Entrepreneurs’ Union, at the request of the DGP. – According to my calculations, the minimum wage in 2025 should be at least PLN 4,510.90, and the hourly wage should be at least PLN 29.50. This means an increase in the monthly minimum compensation As of January 1, 2025 in the amount of PLN 210.90, i.e. 5.6%. – says FPP expert.

Minimum wage 2025 – one condition

However, such a scenario is possible only in the case of this year Lowest wage It will be at least 50 percent. The average salary for the first quarter of 2024, which will be announced on May 13 only. The lowest national rate is then indexed only by expected inflation for 2025, i.e. 4.1%.

However, if the minimum wage amount is less than 50%. The average salary for the first quarter of 2024 is Lowest wage It will be at least PLN 4,617.80, and the hourly rate will be PLN 30.20. – This means an increase of PLN 317.80, i.e. 8.1%. – notes Lukasz Kozlowski. In this case, two-thirds of the expected GDP dynamics for 2025 will be added to the minimum wage index.

More about related accounts Pay Minimum in 2025 in tomorrow’s issue of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and on eDGP.

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