Lukashenko will not go to Ukraine.  The Belarusian officer points to a compelling reason

After the rocket attacks on Monday Russia On the territory of Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko announced that the formation of a regional grouping of Russian troops had begun and Belarus. – Its base is the Belarusian army – confirmed.

He also repeated accusations made by his Foreign Ministry that Ukraine “planned to launch an attack on Belarus”. Kyiv called them “hints” and the possible start of a Russian provocation. It is certainly not appropriate for Ukraine to open a second front in the North.

The Belarusian opposition service Nasha Neva spoke to one of the “high-ranking officers” of the Lukashenka army. An anonymous military statement indicates that Belarus is currently unable to fight back Ukraine.

The Belarusian army is unmanned. Only special operations forces are ready to fight, with a completion rate of about 70-80 percent. There are a few more or less units at the same level, but most of the other troops are incomplete. The Belarusian officer said that they are at best half-staff.

According to him, Lukashenka’s army also had problems with the equipment. However, it is not about the lack of weapons, it is about the personnel to operate it.

– Return recruits to the reserve, and the fall enlistment will recruit new ones. I do not see any possibility that Lukashenko will go to Ukraine with such a weak army. His statements are funny, they trample the feet of the Russian audience – he summarized the interviewee on the Nasza Niwa website.

Tuesday The Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced the start of a comprehensive test of the Belarusian Armed Forces By the State Secretariat of the Security Council on the orders of Alexander Lukashenko. “During the test, units and sub-units will achieve combat readiness, relocation and expansion in certain areas and carry out training and combat missions,” the ministry said in a statement.

Sources:, PAP

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