Just turn it off.  Your smartphone will last two times longer on a single charge
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Today’s smartphones do not have long-lasting batteries. In the past, cells didn’t need to be charged very often, and some models could last up to 7 days without being connected to a power source. Currently without a charger, do not move. We use it almost every day, and it is also useful when traveling. Check out what to do to make your phone battery last longer.

Continuous use of the phone reduces battery consumption. Large screens and background apps consume a lot of power. Then you will not be able to do without a charger. We reveal a patent thanks to which you don’t have to plug the charger into your smartphone so often.

A way to extend your smartphone’s battery life

Adjust screen brightness
How do I do it? Turn on auto brightness on your smartphone. Thanks to this, the device will consume less energy during operation. Alternatively, you can set it to dark mode. When the screen appears black, the pixel is inactive, and therefore not drawing power. The above methods will allow you to save up to 30% of battery power.

Disable or remove unnecessary applications
You already know that apps running in the background consume a lot of power, so try turning them off or uninstalling them, especially the ones you don’t need right now. Just delete the ones you don’t use.

Turn on battery saver
This mode disables applications running in the background, and additionally reduces file caches and dims the screen. What are the benefits? You will use your smartphone for a longer period of time without significantly losing battery power.

Turn on device sharing via Google bluetooth
Go to your phone’s settings and find the “Google” tabs (it’s usually down somewhere). If you’ve already found it, tap , then tap the Nearby Sharing domain and tap . Now you have to check everything that is there. This way you will only disable bluetooth (nothing else). Go back to the original screen (“Google”) and find the “Devices” tab – click on it. At this point, the following screen will appear, so turn off the Show Notifications option. You must necessarily do this, otherwise your smartphone will still decode other cameras for Bluetooth communication.

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