You can lose your apartment by making noise.  There is a court ruling in Germany

There is seldom complete peace in multifamily homes. But its inhabitants do not have to put up with very annoying noises, even if they are caused by children. At least that’s what it is Application From a recent ruling of the National Court of Berlin, which the news portal n-tv reports, citing the trade magazine “Das Grundeigentum”.

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Featured Issue It concerns a dispute between two tenants of an apartment, which was repeatedly scolded by the landlord for disturbing the peace. The reasons were regular noise and screaming, doors being closed and children making noise during curfew. Finally, the landlord terminated the tenants lease agreement.

The tenants objected to the separation, saying that they did not disturb the quiet hours and refused to move out of the apartment. Therefore, the landlord applied for the eviction of unwanted tenants, and the court in the Neukölln district, after hearing witnesses, agreed with him.

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The tenants also lost an appeal to the District Court, which found – according to media reports – that they had breached their lease obligations because they were responsible for disturbing their neighbors with noise and ignoring other residents of the house.

Although the court stated that it could not be excluded that children would also not make noise during curfews, the legal regulations provide for exceptions here. But the requirement of social tolerance for children who make noises has its limits, which can be talked about when parents do not put their children to bed during curfews.

In Germany, where it is inhabited by a very large number je yje In rented apartments (in Berlin about 85% of the population), the rent law is very broad and protects tenants from unjustified termination of the contract. In principle, children’s noise cannot be used as a basis for termination or any penalties, but the decision of the Berlin court leaves the door open.

The article comes from the site German wave.

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