Kennedy’s only grandson, Jack Schlossberg, pokes fun at his cousin on Instagram

He’s far from the best-known Kennedy, but Jack Schlossberg is the assassinated president’s only grandson. The heartthrob thirty-year-old is far from the turmoil of political life and prefers to post a series of humorous videos on social networks, even if it means attacking his family.

In 2022, she met Prince William and his wife Kate in Boston. A graduate of Yale and Harvard, a young man with an attractive physique, he imitated his famous grandfather, John F. He had everything to follow in Kennedy’s footsteps. Newspapers of the time, including Paris Match, found his place in the American political world. Will he also become an early candidate for the Senate, and will he pursue his dream of the presidency? Jack Schlossberg seems to have decided.

Son of Caroline Kennedy, her real name John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, I decided to replace the stand-up speeches for online videos. The 31-year-old, who publicly supported Joe Biden in the last presidential election, recently made headlines for mocking his cousin on Instagram. The next presidential candidate and son-in-law of JFK, Robert F. And not just any relative since Kennedy Jr. was attacked. The man believes Spoysport will play into a fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, not Democrats or Republicans.

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But Jack Schlossberg seems to have a strong opinion on the matter. In a short clip, he explains the features of the character Jimmy: “A lot of people talk about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I’m a fan of his father and his uncle, may they rest in peace. I remember when he was killed, the whole world cried, a sad day. But listen to me, this guy is an idiot. He’s got Trump’s advisers. Don’t let that fool you. Vote for Biden! will be”. In another video, this time he plays a Russian character who accuses his cousin of being on Putin’s side and being “fueled on testosterone.” In 2023, he had already publicly criticized it, saying it was a disgrace.

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Several videos in a few days

This taste for staging seems to be recent, at least on social networks, and as of last January, although she often shares humorous pictures, she has yet to film herself. Jack Schlossberg, however, quickly found his audience. His videos on X (formerly Twitter) are now being shared a lot. “Jack Schlossberg is as hot as his uncle John”, “I can’t stop watching Jack Schlossberg videos”, “The transition between him trying to open a coconut with his bare hands and him calling his cousin a murderer…”, “Honestly, he’s a law and business man.” I don’t know how he finished school, or passed the bar when he was actually ‘Ken,’ and he spends 90% of his time on the Hudson River, in Cape Town, or somewhere in Hawaii”, “If I was a Kennedy heir, RFR jr or “I’d rather do that kind of crap than run into lost campaigns like Joe Kennedy,” we might specifically read. .

Jack Schlossberg is JFK’s only grandson but he also has two sisters, Rose and Tatiana. All three grew up At a distance, shielded from media fire by their parents. We know little about their Russian-born father, Edwin Schlossberg, 77, who has been in a relationship with Caroline since 1981 as a designer, writer or artist. “He acts the same way JFK lived and I’m sure he would be doing the same if he were alive today,” says one user. But the young man apparently does not have only admirers. His cousin’s supporters are naturally unsympathetic to him, describing Donald Trump’s last campaign as a “vanity project.”

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