Matura 2024 – Mathematics.  The CKE director draws attention to two issues

We certainly encourage that, because we also see from our diagnostic tests that we have a group of young people who are not reading instructions very carefully. I know this may seem a bit trivial, as it is obvious to many people, but we see that some young people do not read the instructions carefully when solving exam tasks. That is, he just kind of looks at it, skims through it, and often focuses on one item, without including in his answer another item that was also mentioned in the matter. So one of these tips is Read the instructions carefully– said Dr. Marcin Smolik in an interview with

Matura exam 2024 in mathematics. What should candidates pay special attention to?

CKE Manager He also paid special attention to A formula card that’s worth “reading carefully” during a math test. There is a lot of information out there, so in case there are doubts, inability to solve a task or uncertainty in memory whether I know something or not, It is worth accessing this card, Look through it, because perhaps there is something that will inspire the high school graduate to solve the task. During the exam, there is another task solved that will make him more motivated to try to solve the next task – confirmed.

Matura 2024. Mathematics exam schedule

As he created it CKE table, Mathematics exams will be held:

  • May 8, Wednesday, 9:00 – Basic level mathematics exam,
  • May 15, Wednesday, 9:00 – Mathematics exam, advanced level,
  • May 24, Friday, 9:00 – Mathematics in a foreign language for graduates of basic level bilingual schools or departments,
  • June 4, Tuesday, 9:00 – Mathematics exam, basic level, additional semester,
  • June 11, Tuesday, 9:00 – Advanced level mathematics exam, additional semester,
  • August 20, Tuesday, 9:00 – The written portion of the Resit exam.

Matura 2024. Mathematics Issues

actually Math exam Key skills that receive special emphasis are:

  • Proficiency in performing calculations,
  • The ability to use and create information,
  • Interpreting different mathematical representations,
  • Ability to think logically and argue.

In the exam, the requirements cover the following areas in detail and Mathematics topics:

  • real numbers,
  • algebraic expressions,
  • equations and inequalities,
  • equations,
  • mission,
  • chains,
  • trigonometry,
  • area measurement,
  • Analytical geometry at the Cartesian level
  • anthropomorphic measurement,
  • harmonics,
  • probability and statistics,
  • Optimization and calculus.

What can you use during a math exam?

actually High school mathematics exam you can use:

  • rulers,
  • circle,
  • simple calculator,
  • The chosen ones Mathematical formulasProvided by the school.

Interview conducted by Anita Malinowska

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