That’s why Trump won in 2016. Now he can do it again [ANALIZA]

On the surface, the Republican Party is in disarray. Due to internal factional disagreements, they were unable to reach an agreement for several weeks Election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Republican candidate most likely to win the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump, has been charged in four criminal cases.

In the US presidential race, these issues may not ultimately be decisive for who will sit in the White House.

The historic consolidation of working-class voters helped Trump win in 2016. In 2020, it put him on the verge of re-election. A year before the 2024 election, polls show Trump tied or even slightly ahead.

And by digging deeper into the data, we can see why — support for Joe Biden is waning among those who were once the mainstay of the People’s Party — working-class voters of color. However, several polls showed Trump at nearly 20 percent. Black votes and approached the ten points of support that Biden enjoys among Latino voters. This signals a lasting change that could overturn the party system known since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

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