Hungary.  Report: Higher education is 'too feminine'

If this trend continues, Reversing gender inequality in higher education may risk lower birth rates as women will be less likely to marry and thus have children.– Writing by the authors of the report “The phenomenon of pink education in Hungary?” Published in July and discussed on the portal.

According to the statistics contained in the report, in 2010 – 2021 Every year in Hungary, women start university more than men. When we consider the number of graduates, the advantage of women is greater because men are more likely to drop out of university.

The report’s authors surveyed 700 parents and teachers to check whether the education system provides equal opportunities for representatives of both sexes.

Respondents referred, inter alia, to Emotional and social maturity, diligence, obedience, communication, and accuracy are feminine characteristics. on the other side Technical skills, risk taking, spontaneity, perception, entrepreneurship and logical thinking are masculine qualities.

According to the authors, the reason behind the overrepresentation of women among students is The dominance of “female characteristics” in the higher education system, the dominance of the humanities over the sciences, as well as the fact that as many as 82 per cent. Academics are women.

Although girls are more diligent, “anyone who has seen a boy playing with ball knows that men are capable of performing tasks that require a very high level of concentration,” the report states.

At the same time, its authors point out that Women should also want men to be successfulMale creativity, competitiveness and performance orientation not only have a positive effect on the economy, but are also useful in everyday life if “a computer breaks, a faucet is leaking, or furniture is packed and no one else is doing it.” Put it together.

The report was criticized, among other things, by opposition politician Indre Toth. “It’s time to take off the glasses from the last century,” he wrote on social media. The so-called distinguished, in turn, described male and female characteristics as “complete scientific absurdity”..

As the BBC confirms, Hungary has been under accusations for some time Increasing gender inequality. The country recently elected its first female president, but she is still elected Lowest percentage of women politicians in the entire European Union.

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