Great games you can get for pennies

Recently, our market has been filled with great hits, which constantly receive more than 90% average rating on Metacritic. However, to play everything on release day, you need to have a large wallet with more content.

However, today I offer you a small alternative – so that we can also discuss a little about older and smaller, but still worthy products, which deserve our attention, despite such great pressure on the entire market. For today’s list, I’ve personally selected 20 games that you can get at really low base prices, and that can be offered on promotions for less than the price of a good beer.

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However, it has set certain limits and rules for this purpose. I’ve looked at Steam, Epic Games Store,, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation and Xbox, and from each niche I’ve picked out some really great, well-rated titles – so you won’t see any crap. In the case of PC games, the maximum price was around PLN 25-26, while I chose console games with a maximum price of PLN 40. You know, it’s about the idea of ​​getting really great products at a really cheap price. So please check out the list below and comment – share your cheap songs that you would recommend to others.

Deus Ex GOTY – 25.49 PLN

We start our list with absolute classics, the first Deus Ex, which was once the best immersive simulation game the world has ever seen, and to this day there are not many products that can compare to it. For just over 25 PLN, we can spend up to 39 hours of great fun in this game. Unfortunately, we can’t count on a good remaster or remake.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe – 19.99 zlotys

Every one of us would like to visit a big and epic amusement park at least once, but for various reasons not everyone can do it. Dreams about the best, biggest and coolest entertainment center can come true in Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe – it’s an old title and today it’s no longer graphically impressive, but for those two pennies it’s worth trying one of the best versions of the series and seeing if it’s fun for us .

First and second thief – 25.49 PLN

Unfortunately, Thief from 2014 wasn’t one of the greatest games, and even when it comes to the Thief brand, it disappointed most players. However, if you are interested in these types of thieves, I recommend reading the first or second thieves from the 90s, when the series really shined. It is true that the frame may seem a bit expensive these days, but if you spend a few extra złoty, you can also buy the third best version of the famous brand.

Beyond Good and Evil – 19.90 zlotys

One of my favorite games of the PlayStation 2 era and a title I’ve bought probably 4 times. Beyond Good and Evil, even 18 years after its premiere, is pure gold that everyone should experience. Great music is combined with fast-paced action, an interesting combat system, investigative themes and great photo op fun. For 20 zlotys, it’s really worth it.

Castle HD – PLN 17.99

In a few days, Stronghold: Definitive Edition will be available on the market, but if you do not want to spend the premiere price on this improved version, I recommend the first update of the popular game. Available for around twelve zlotys, HD Fortress offers a lot of great entertainment. The legendary campaign, additional attractions, and of course the improved setting should keep you entertained so far, and if you like the series, you can easily buy its latest installment.

Death (1993) – PLN 19.99

There’s probably no gamer who doesn’t know what Doom is, just as there’s probably no one who wouldn’t recognize the song below. Despite being 30 years old, Doom is still pixel perfect – you fly, you fight, and you have fun. What more do we need to be happy? Maybe just a bigger dose of demon bashing, which can be done in Doom 2 and Doom 64 for a similar price.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape – 19.90 zlotys

Best rayman ever? naturally! One of the most iconic platformers from the turn of history still dazzles and still makes me dream that Ubisoft will finally poke its head out of the hood and start investing in a very friendly hero that so many of us love. Despite having been in existence for more than two decades, the gameplay has not aged at all, and the beautiful story is still entertaining.

Halo: Spartan Attack/Spartan Strike – PLN 13.49

If you like Microsoft products, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on Halo authors, I recommend these two little suggestions. Both Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike are isometric shooters that can be played in two or three evenings. Considering the low budget and very old episodic performances, both productions do surprisingly well and are worth giving them a chance – especially at this price.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut – 9.99 zlotys

Do you like intense adventure games? You’re probably familiar with the Broken Sword series, the sixth installment of which is already in development. However, before this happens, I highly recommend following the previous adventures of the blonde-haired hero. Despite being several decades old, they are still excellent adventures that encourage logical thinking and tell a really engaging story.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – PLN 19.90

Sam Fisher is one of those veterans who should definitely return to duty. The first Splinter Cell game is the perfect demo title if you’re looking for an engaging and challenging stealth game. When the series launched on PlayStation 2, it was like no other, and even today it’s hard to find a more successful spy adventure with such successful play of light and shadow.

Divine Theology – PLN 21.99

Before Larian Studios created the fantastic Baldur 3 or even Divinity: Original Sin, their early work resembled something like Diablo. Divine Divinity is a massive 32-72 hour adventure for RPG fans with Blizzard series-style gameplay. Although not completely. This is not a hack’n slash game, but more of an isometric role-playing game with quite dynamic combat.

Between us – 18 Polish zlotys

Among Us used to have over 500 million monthly active players, but today it only has a small fraction of that attention. However, that doesn’t mean it’s still an interesting and solid network production and worth giving it a chance alone or with a group of good friends. 18 Zico for long hours of searching for the imposter is a very successful “deal”.

Worm World Party – PLN 22.50

Now for some console classics. Although Worms World Party Remastered is relatively expensive, the PS1 emulated classic, which is available on PS4 and PS5, can be had for just over PLN 20. If you complain that modern worms are weak, boring and lack imagination, feel free to get to the board and enjoy this immortal hit!

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature – 27 zlotys

If it weren’t for Harvest Moon, there would be no Stardew Valley, and if it weren’t for the hype around this title, Harvest Moon would likely have bitten the dust today. The cult agricultural series has had its good and bad moments, but Back to Nature, now available through backwards compatibility, is perhaps the brand’s pinnacle achievement. Or at least that’s what her long-time fans say. For 27 Polish zlotys, it is a sin not to buy it.

Unleash Brilliance – 36 PLN

Do you know Zuma from the authors of Plants vs. zombies? If so, you may also like the Sparkle course, the first part of which can be obtained at the regular price of 36 PLN, and during promotions for about 10 PLN. Sometimes it’s helpful to casually launch balls at other balls, just to relax. I played Sparkle 2 on Vita this year and I recommend it as well.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – PLN 22.50

In the days of the first PlayStation, Abe shocked everyone. Not only was it absolutely beautiful for its time, but it also had a very mature story, a strong message, innovative gameplay, and a healthy dose of laughter. The series is still doing well today, as evidenced by The Great Spirit Storm. However, it is worth getting acquainted with the first adventures of the Mudokons.

Star Wars Demolition – 22.50 PLN

Today, said title has been somewhat forgotten, which is a shame because by PSX standards it was a really beautiful and successful game. It may not be the best out of all the Star Wars productions, but it’s still fun. Unfortunately, for PLN 22.50, we can’t count on very long fun, because Star Wars Demolition can be completed in about 1.5-2 hours – which is pretty intense, but worth remembering.

Ages Sega Sonic the Hedgehog – 28 zlotys

Who doesn’t know Sonic? Especially nowadays, when we have AA and AAA films, series and productions that are selling well. However, many of you may not have played or finished the first Sonic game, which is now 32 years old. As part of SEGA Ages, we can buy each part we are interested in separately for less than 3 PLN – however, during promotions, the price drops to 7 PLN.

Downwell – 12 Polish zlotys

In theory, Downwell can be completed in 25 minutes, but in practice, this challenging game can consume up to 10 hours of your life. For 12 Zico, it’s worth giving in to the obsession of falling and smashing everything just to get to the end of the road. It sounds so simple, but it’s addictive as hell.

Room – 36 zlotys

If you appreciate good puzzle games, there is no better and cheaper option than The Room series. The first part is already a few years old, however, when you play it even today, you can feel its unique atmosphere, be amazed by its puzzles and interesting story, which is constantly improving over the course of the series. You can get the title on Switch, mobile phones, larger consoles, and even in VR.

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