Corruption scandal in the European Parliament.  The court made a decision regarding the daughter of the arrested former member of the European Parliament

According to investigators investigating corruption in the European Parliament, both the wife and daughter of the former left-wing MEP, who was arrested under the European arrest warrant, knew about his criminal activities and participated in the scheme, which was supposed to receive bribes mainly from Qatar in In exchange for paying decisions that are beneficial to the country.

A court in Lombardy, where both women were placed under house arrest, denied the daughter’s lawyer’s request for her release and other safeguards. According to the court, her remaining in detention is justified with regard to the decision expected soon, whether she too will be extradited to the Belgian side.

The Bergamo court, also in Lombardy, is set to deliver its ruling on January 9 at the request of the Panzieri family’s defenders to annul the decision to confiscate the seized accounts of €247,000. According to the defense, this money is a salary for the previous professional work of MEPs.

In connection with the corruption scandal in the European Parliament, in December, also arrested in Brussels, among others its former Vice-President Eva Kaili of Greece. A Brussels court will decide on January 22 whether Kylie will be released from prison and placed under house arrest.

Source: PAP,

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