“This is what spring looks like in the foreground.”  Ukrainian soldiers showed a great movie
  • The spring thaw, combined with rains and warmth, complicates the situation on the war front in Ukraine. All because of mud and water everywhere
  • Footage from the front shows Ukrainian soldiers walking across fields covered in goo from head to toe.
  • You can follow information about the defense of Ukraine in a special report live features
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The material was posted on TikTok by one of the soldiers, and then shared on Twitter by Anton Herashchenko, Ukraine’s former deputy minister of internal affairs. Video signed:

Glory to the defenders of Ukraine! Somewhere near Bakhmut. This is what spring looks like in the foreground.

In video recorded in Ukraine In the Bakhmut region of the Donetsk region, two soldiers were seen riding a tank in a swampy area. Both are covered with a thick layer of mud. Someone smokes a cigarette and says, among other things, about the spring weather. Meanwhile, the second layer is covered with a layer of wet earth so dense that it is almost invisible against the background of landscapes.

Under the vice minister position, there have been many comments from netizens who are paying attention to her tournament Ukrainian soldiers. There is also no shortage of statements that what you see in the recording is real “very sad”. Some compare the frames to pictures from World War II.

More text below the video.

This large amount of clay is associated with Ukrainian fields The so-called Rasputika. This phenomenon occurs in early spring or autumn, when the roads are in Russia Or Ukraine has become almost impassable because of the heavy rains, the high temperature, and now also the thaw It forms a thick viscous substance that makes it difficult to move. Especially military equipment.


Ukrainian tank near Zaporizhia

Rasputika is credited with having a significant influence on the course of Napoleon Bonaparte’s expedition to Moscow and protecting the Russian capital from Hitler’s invasion in 1941. Specialists point out that What helped Russia twice will now turn against it. According to Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commander of Britain’s 1st Royal Tank Regiment, rasputica may contribute to slowing the pace of the Russian offensive.

Ukrainian fields are covered with more and more mudukrinform/pub

Ukrainian fields are covered with more and more mud

Experts also pay attention to one thing. The Ukrainians have mainly advanced Western equipment, which is characterized by a high ground clearance (the distance between the ground and the lowest elements of the machines). This makes their organs less susceptible to Rasputica, Unlike the equipment of the Russians with much less ground clearance.

Source: “The Telegraph” / Twitter / Onet

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