“Martin Made Live”: “I’m not afraid of the plateau, I want to find myself again” – Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais

Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais finished his tour in style last July with his first show, “Jokes, Chapeau, Maman, Maggie, Piano,” at the Bell Center, with Olivier for the show, Comedian and Teacher of the Year.

Aware of the public’s expectations for his next show, the comedian admitted to Martin Matt on Thursday evening that he wanted to reinvent himself.

“I’m not afraid of a plateau, I want to reinvent myself. I almost have a taste for not rebelling against my show, but presenting something different than what I’ve already done,” said the week’s guest chair “Martin Made Live.

“That was already my motivation; I wanted something that was like me and original,” he added, noting that he wanted to evolve at the same time.

Dressed in leather for the first part of the show, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais told host Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais that he had time to come to the conclusion of the 1990s comedian’s appearance, especially Martin’s appearance in 1996. His first show, but was a little nervous about the rest.

“I felt a little dizzy […]. I’m still scared. It was kind of surprising that people weren’t expecting me, but there are expectations about the next “show”. Above all, it was a learning experience for me not to try to project people’s expectations of what I was going to do.”

A message from Simon and a new section

Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais opened a brand-new, completely crazy improvisation section on Thursday evening, in which characters and scenes are randomly proposed.

The guest of the week was apparently entitled to a surprise message from Simon Proulx, the musical biography of Les Appendeaux and the group leader of Les Trois Accords.

Quality Time and Wrestling with Maude Landry

Comedian Maude Landry took to the Martin Mette to headline the fight at the Espace St-Denis on Thursday evening. He later enjoyed creating an alter ego for the host, Martin Luthor King.

Martin Matt, for his part, kept his set a little more restrained. He started his show with comments received on his social networks and a regular review of current events.

Under the musical direction of Dumas, “Martin Made N Direct” airs every Thursday at 8pm on TVA. The host will take over from Julie Le Breton next week.

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