The lights did not light up

Here’s a good scoop of something new from the oven: Susan Clement, who played the lead role in the upcoming new daily drama series. District 31 This fall.

Released at 6:15 p.m.

This is a great example for Radio-Canada because Susan Clement rarely plays on Quebec TV. His last presence here predates the soap opera Unit 9In the role he left when his one-year contract ended in the spring of 2013, he played the brave prisoner Sandy Gallarno.

To my knowledge this novelty, the title of which has not yet been discovered, occurs in a hospital setting and is signed by the author Mary-Andre Lபேbe (Without meeting, Too much) Let the fans promise, Mary-Andre Labe has finished writing the second season of comedy Without meeting Before throwing himself, alone, into the script writing marathon of a daily event. Work that requires thunder energy combined with iron discipline.

This medical series includes 120 half hours a year District 31Susan Clement plays Emmanuel Lacombe, an emergency physician attached to a large Montreal hospital.

The set for the health facility will be built at MEL’s studio in Saint-Hubert, where 31 detective sergeants will be interrogating their suspects. Daniel Methot, collaborator of Fabien Larush VirginiaWill be the director-coordinator.

In theory, Suzanne Clement crosses the swords with Sebastien Dlorom of TVA, who took the lead role in the daily series. InsecureWriter Nadine Bismuth (A family bond), Is scheduled for the September schedule.

Other Interesting Facts: Fabien Lauroch and Michael Trudeau from Etios will co-produce this daily soap opera with Guillaume Lespérance from A Média (Friends, Discussions with my parents, Everyone is talking about it) An alliance that some viewers saw coming in the middle of TV.


Fabienne Larouche

I wrote and produced for 20 years daily on Radio-Canada and got a six year bonus with Luke Dion. District 31. We shared the task with Guillome Lesperance and can send the torch.

Fabienne Larouche

Guillaume Lespérance pointed out in a telephone interview, “This is the first time that Fabian Larusch and I have worked together. I’ve found people like me at Etios.

Could not speak with Suzanne Clement on Monday. For the past 10 years, the 52-year-old actress has appeared mainly in French television series Versace, Forest, Vampires And SlipsEverything else is on Netflix VersaceHosted by Grave.

The rare presence of Suzanne Clement in the Quebec series credits caused a buzz behind the scenes, I was told. The actress was also set to join the cast of the new mini-series Pet Simon Bowleris wrote for the Nuevo Channel, which is owned by Bell Media. Suzanne Clement plays Sandrick (Lévi Doré)’s mother, a 17-year-old student who had an affair with her 37-year-old French teacher, Chanelle Chouinard (Évelyne Brochu), known as Chauchou.

Susan Clement Recruitment Pet It was to be made public during a virtual press conference on Thursday, March 17th. This announcement never happened.

Because, the day before its release, Radio-Canada and Etios learned that Nou and Bell Media were preparing to pull the carpet out of themselves as a preview of Suzanne Clement in a Quebec fiction. Panic in the tower, you imagine.

In Pet, Susan Clement would have had ten days of filming. In the new medical series, Susan Clement will be a hundred, ten times more. The actress, who has been involved in Radio-Canada for several seasons, had to make a choice.

Why? Because the headlines of the daily series sign an implicit exclusive rule. These stars are highly paid for their services and are expected to dedicate themselves to only one project. For six years, only Vincent-Guilm ஓடிm Odyssey and Detective Sergeant Patrick Bisonet appeared. District 31. If Michael Charrett can get inside Happiness VAT is a) District 31 Was coming to an end and b) created the same maker tables.

According to Suzanne Clement’s agent Maxime Vanasse, “there was no war between Bell and Radio-Canada, and Suzanne Clement had to choose between two interesting projects.”

According to my spies, those in Bell Media would not have appreciated the loss of Suzanne Clement in this competitive environment. Producer of PetVicky Paunadere, from Boss Temple (Lou and Sophie, Academy), Do not comment on Suzanne Clement’s last minute withdrawal. According to sources familiar with the matter, the deal was actually negotiated formally with the actress in the Boss Co box.

Yes, Bell Media confirms that Suzanne Clement has been approached for a role in the series PetHowever, without mentioning why the actress left just hours before the press conference of Simon Bouleriz’s project.

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