From Chateau Frontenac to Îles-de-la-Madeleine: A chef embarks on a new adventure with his girlfriend, her kitty and his trailer.

A chef who has worked for six years at Chateau Frontenac has decided to step out of his comfort zone and experience the adventure of the Magdalen Islands in the kitchen of the famous Quai 360 in Cap-aux – Grindstones.

“I bought a trailer with my girlfriend and I took my kitty under my arm and went on an adventure,” laughs Samuel Roy, who officially experienced his baptism of fire last Thursday as the restaurant reopened for the new season.

Because to become a full-time resident of the islands, the 30-year-old had to find a place to stay, no small task given the housing crisis.

“The trailer, we’re very happy with it, it’s still hard to find a place, we’ll be staying with friends in the Gros-Cape region,” he enthuses about the project.

Former Chateau Frontenac chef Samuel Roy embarks on a new adventure in the Magdalen Islands.

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Mousse-Quai 360

Former Chateau Frontenac chef Samuel Roy embarks on a new adventure in the Magdalen Islands.

Influenced by his girlfriend

The native of Kamorska admits that his girlfriend had a good influence on his decision. He visited the region last summer and, like many tourists, he fell in love with the kindness of the people and the beautiful landscapes.

“She was a good salesperson. She got a job here in graphic designing,” says Samuel, confirming that the couple is now ready for their new life.

For the owners of Quai 360, it’s the first time they’ve hired a chef since opening in 2015.

“This is our baby, we built it from A to Z, and we started looking for the next generation,” says Nathalie Muse, who with her husband is the stronghold of the business, whose motto is: local products cooked with love.

Sea fishing

Samuel Roy is part of a movement of new generation chefs that has emerged in Quebec in recent years.

Over the years, he trained at several fine restaurants in the old capital, including Lapin Sauté, Portofino and Atelier. These experiences allowed him to work with Stéphane Modat at the Champlain restaurant at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

Newly adopted Madalinot jumps with glee at the idea of ​​cooking fresh produce from the Magdalen Islands.

“We have already been invited to go fishing in the sea. It is really encouraging,” he enthuses.

Interior view of Quai 360 restaurant located in Cap-aux-Meules.

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Mousse-Quai 360

Interior view of Quai 360 restaurant located in Cap-aux-Meules.


Quai 360 has been open since April 13 and will continue operations till December. The restaurant has 44 seats for two services per evening from Monday to Friday. Guests must book in advance to enjoy the dining experience.

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