The Beatles |  Lennon is believed to be responsible for breaking up the group, McCartney says

In an explosion of (London) historical revisionism, Paul McCartney claims that John Lennon was not largely responsible for The Beatles’ split in the 1970s.

Donica Kirka
Associated Press

During an interview on the show This cultural life Broadcast on BBC Radio on October 23, McCartney indicated that Lennon wanted to end the celebrity band.

“I didn’t cause division, it was Johnny,” the fascist says.

The group’s fans have been debating for a long time about splitting the group. Many point fingers at McCartney. The latter defended himself by accusing Lennon of wanting to stand on his own two feet, which decided to disband the Beatles.

According to him, the controversy stemmed from the fact that they asked the board members to remain silent until certain financial transactions were completed.

Interviewed before the release of Peter Jackson’s six – hour documentary on the Beatles’ final months: The Beatles: Come back. The series premieres on Disney + in November.

Paul McCartney’s words were first published in the British weekly magazine Viewer.

When presenter John Wilson tells him about his decision to leave The Beatles, Paul McCartney stops him. “I’m not the one who caused the split. Damn! No! No! John came one day and said he’s leaving the Beatles. If it did not cause a split, is that it?”

He expressed some regret about the split, saying the band was “making great songs”.

“It’s my band, it’s my job, it’s my life. I wanted it to continue,” McCartney insisted.

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