Difficult games are not limited to souls-like games.  Here are ten difficult examples

Let’s face it – all of us like to face challenges from time to time. Sure, fun and hassle-free tasks are great, but they never provide that much satisfaction once they’re done. A good grade on an exam that was completed with effort is better than a grade obtained by cheating. If we win a match against a very demanding opponent, we feel like we are flying – winning against weaker teams makes us happy, but the joy is short-lived.

The same thing happens with gamesWhen we look for challenges when the plot or enjoyment of the created world becomes secondary and we want to test ourselves, we play titles that require maximum concentration, rethinking every step, and of course an intelligent approach, and at the same time literally angelic patience. However, as players, we have a soft spot for this.

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So it is not surprising that this type of souls-like game is so popular. That endorphin rush after defeating a boss we’ve been facing for a long time is worth the effort of repeating patterns until it hurts. But it should be noted that not everyone likes this type of game. If you are looking for challenges and at the same time productions: the programs are not for you, then Take a look at the proposals we have prepared!

Ghost runner

Let’s start with one of my favorite games (no genre breakdown). I love Ghostrunner and have already written about it in the review and had the pleasure of preparing it for you on the occasion of the title’s premiere. This is a demanding production, but perfectly combined with a fair approach. Don’t feel like you’re being killed by the developers’ decisions. Great fun – and a sequel coming soon!

Cup head

Another title that could easily be described as demanding, but not at all frustrating. Sure, you might get a little annoyed by some of the levels, but in the end you’ll have no problem playing through them over and over again. We are constantly learning the solutions and mechanics proposed by the creators, and this makes jumping onto subsequent platforms at the highest level fun.

Super Meat Boy

I remember having a hard time with this game years ago. I was definitely too young to master it well, but hundreds of attempts somehow made me slip through the stages. I eventually managed to complete it, but if I had a record of the hours I spent dodging blades, it might have scared me. If you haven’t played it before, I really encourage you to give it a try – especially since Super Meat Boy is currently available for cheap.

Hotline Miami 1 and 2

As of writing, we have yet to receive official confirmation that the combination of both versions of Hotline Miami will be arriving on the big consoles (it is of course available on Nintendo Switch), but such reports have emerged. If they prove successful, many people will undoubtedly become familiar with this difficult game. I am fully convinced that some will bounce back, and others will fall in love at first shot. Give this production a chance!


Would I describe Celeste as one of the most demanding platformers I’ve ever played? Well… definitely yes! At first it starts out innocently, but we quickly learn that some jumps have to be calculated to the millimeter, and the game doesn’t forgive even the smallest mistakes. However, as if that wasn’t enough of a challenge for you, the Special Mode will definitely amaze you!

open it

This game from a small studio called The Gamą Bakers is perhaps the least known on the entire list, but it definitely deserves your attention. The developers from France have prepared for us a wonderful land directly inspired by a fantasy novel, where we play the role of a prisoner trying to escape from a maximum security prison. The production is incredibly dynamic and despite debuting seven years ago, it’s still a great game.

Ninja Gaiden

In fact, it is worth mentioning the entire series here, because all versions are distinguished by a high level of difficulty. Sure, there have been better and worse days, and the brand’s glory days are now gone (although who knows what the future will hold), but… If a few simple habits don’t deter you, dive into the world from Part 1. And next year will be our 20th birthday, so maybe something special will come up…

Overcooked 1 and 2

I’m a huge fan of the series and in fact I’ve mentioned several times that my now-wife and I have gone platinum on both installments (as well as the current-gen collection). However, it was a real, almost joking ordeal, a test of our love. Some stages were maddening and had us going through the next few stages in silence. However, if you love cooking, challenges and great fun, don’t hesitate any longer!

FTL: Faster than light

I thought it would be helpful to include a game other than a dynamic action game on the pages of this list. FTL is already a classic, but out of journalistic obligation I’ll mention that we’re dealing with a strategic production here. It’s all in sci-fi convention, as we, as passengers of a lone ship, try to escape an alien blockade. I know it’s not the ideal title for everyone, but if you have Game Pass, there’s nothing stopping you!


Finally, a title that is still very popular. Another production on the list that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing – Here We Start and Here We Will End. If you like kung fu movies from the past decade, and are looking for satisfying fights with a high level of difficulty, this title is definitely worth a look. What’s more, it was executed with the greatest care. I recommend!

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