Another mistake from Wieczyna.  Slavomir Peszko reveals what’s behind the scenes!  “I thought he was joking”

In September, Wieczysta surprised Kraków by dismissing Maciej Musiał and appointing Sławomir Peszka in his place. The former Polish actor has recently been mainly involved in being the president of the exotic fighting federation Clout MMA. He is now temporarily managing a club fighting for promotion to League Two.

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“On Mondays, I often come to the company of President Wojciech Kojicin, owner of the Wieczyńska team, to talk about football and current issues. Three weeks ago, I also went to the president and found out that coach Maciej Musial had lost his job.” The president and sporting director started making calls Phone call and search for a new coach. One of the candidates was unable to do so, the second had a valid contract, and the third refused. The president looked at me and asked me: “What league do you have a license for?” – Third, second – I answered. “Don’t you accept it now?” I thought the president was joking, but he wasn’t. I heard: “Maybe you’ll change something.” I had to make the decision immediately in his office,” Peszko revealed in an interview with

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