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GRID Legends with first gameplay and release date

GRID Legends with first gameplay and release date

December 3, 2021, 22:55

Studio Comemasters introduced the first gameplay of GRID Legends and announced its release date. The pre-sale of the title has also begun. Prices, unfortunately, are too high.

We had our first game of og³oszonego In EA Play Live 2021 GRID Legends. What is Codemasters Studio that specializes in racing games? To prove this production?? Especially after situations that weren’t quite successful, which turned out to be so Grid I Dirt 5. Fortunately, the title is currently being prepared by “Code Masters”. Looks good. In general, no wonder; As we know the release date of the game?? It will debut on February 25, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, and XSX | S. How does it look animated? Check it out for yourself?? The following 17-minute article should be enough to form your own opinion.

W GRID Legends There will be a lot of news. It seems that the Race Mage is the most important of them, Which ?? as we read The game’s official website ?? It allows you to create action-packed events and bring friends and the world to tears using the cross-play functionality. In other words, what did we get?? On the figure, without trying on the pose outlet in Battlefields 2042. EA must have had the feeling that providing shooters fans with a virtual space to let their imaginations run wild would turn into a bull’s-eye, and rightly so.

We also got to know a number of game modes that we will have to deal with GRID Legends. We will participate in competitions such as elimination, truck battle, drifting, electric races with acceleration ?? Or chaotic events with many categories [samochodów – dop. red.]??. We will be driving different types of cars on more than 130 routes, some of which will be in new locations in the series, such as London, Moscow and Austria’s Strada Alpina. The creators boast about fighting for glory, that is, a career mode that will be the most amazing in the history of the series.

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The developers are also promising a revised human review ?? Artificial intelligence for computer-controlled virtual vehicles. Furthermore, competitors’ participation in races can be difficult due to random events, for example engines exploding or tires exploding.

It is worth noting that from today ?? Pre-orders can be submitted for GRID Legends. The game is available in two versions. Standard Edition I Deluxe Edition (The best, in addition to the production itself, offers two exclusive cars: Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi R8 1: 1, as well as accelerated unlocking of car upgrades and many additional game modes, professional threads, sponsors, colors, logos and other cosmetic elements). On PCs (Steam, Origin) we will pay them 269.90 PLN and 349.90 PLN respectively, while on Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles ?? 299.90 PLN and 399.90 PLN. expensive.