Players are angry with the creators of Helldivers 2

The creators of Arrowhead Game Studios’ “Helldivers 2” have found themselves at the center of criticism regarding the requirement to link Steam accounts to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

In the face of negative reviews on Steam and player dissatisfaction, community managers stress that the decision to integrate with PSN is Sony’s, not theirs.

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In a series of posts on Discord, community manager Twinbeard explains this Any issues related to the area remain unclear The studio is awaiting more information from Sony. In response to players’ questions about how to handle forced account linking when PSN is not available in their country, Twinbeard recommends contacting PlayStation Support directly.

Community Manager Pasquinator understands players’ frustration, but also points out the benefits of integration with PSN, such as the ability to take action on player reports and improve in-game security. He emphasizes that it makes sense to use tools, for example, to ban dishonest players, developed by Sony.

Team Arrowhead actively communicates with the dissatisfied gaming community, paying attention to every opinion. Despite the difficulties, The makers of Helldivers 2 are doing everything they can to apologize to users for this situation, emphasizing that it is for their own good..

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