January 27, 2023


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Deathloop has appeared on the Xbox Store!  Microsoft is preparing for a surprise

Deathloop has appeared on the Xbox Store! Microsoft is preparing for a surprise

12 months after its premiere on PlayStation 5 and PC, Arkane Studios’ production has debuted on the Xbox Digital Show. There are many indications that Americans will share the good news today or tomorrow and present a game that, according to recent speculation, will enhance the Xbox Game Pass catalog from the moment it appears on another platform.

The adventure of two killers – Colt and Juliana – caught in a time loop and facing a dangerous duel on Blackriff Island, was one of the biggest premieres on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2021. Arkane Lyon did the job decently, although after his debut, he had to The developers are working on some flaws that appear in the PC version. We’ve known for a long time that Sony secured temporary exclusivity for the title, so when Microsoft acquired Bethesda, there was more and more talk of Deathloop on Xbox – but the community had to be patient.

For several days now, the issue has been turning red with recent reports. According to journalists associated with US consoles, Deathloop will be revealed on Xbox Series X | S over the next few days, while the shooter will appear on Xbox Game Pass next week.

As it is often said, “there is a tiny bit of truth in every rumor” – we have now found that the speculation is probably correct because Deathloop is already on the Microsoft Store. A gamer browsing through the Xbox catalog came across a pre-ordered artwork for Arkane Studios.

There will likely be a presentation of items on Xbox Series X | S. Today or tomorrow.