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April 21st, 2018

Paramount Talks Paranormal Activity 3

Paramount has already started talking Paranormal Activity 3 and really does this come as any sort of surprise? Don Harris (Paramount Exec VP of Distribution) told The Hollywood Reporter;

The company is certainly going to take a look at making a third but will be exceedingly careful in how to go about it

Paranormal Activity just pulled in $40million this past weekend which is double what the original film made in its opening weekend. So it should come as no surprise that Paramount is already thinking about Paranormal Activity 3. The first film only made $20million its opening weekend so this is a huge jump for the film and its new franchise of supernatural scares. I have not seen Paranormal Activity 2 but our writer Luke Crum has and he has high praise for the film in his review [ Paranormal Activity 2 Review].

I dont know how they will milk the original film into a third movie but when you consider this franchise is on its way to making the studio half a billion dollars off a $3million investment its no surprise they are eager to make a third. The original Paranormal Activity made just under $200million at the Box Office and when you add the final numbers from Paranormal Activity 2 and add in DVD sales its a big profit for the studio… Paranormal Activity 3 is definitely coming!


  1. tbam

    The 1st film for me, really re defined the Horror genre. Well, maybe not RE defined it, but at least came at it from a different angle from what so many recent horror films have done in recent years i.e Saw.

    Where most films have no problem showing you blood, guts and gore, this film showed nothing. It played on your mind, making you question what infact was haunting these people? No music score, just silence.

    For me, the film (and sequel) were works of genius. I think a 3rd maybe pushing it. Would be nice to leave these films alone as stand out classics. But I’d still go watch the 3rd!

    • Customerrules2109

      Tbam Ok will you blithering Idiot first off. Paranormal Activity is a COMPLETELY different movie then saw so you comparing it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Please know what your talking about before you post dumb comments. Thanks.

      • Erm I think that what Tbam said is a very relevant comment actually and I agree with him, I would have compared it with a different film maybe as saw is a thriller rather than a horror maybe grudge or something but I totally agree that these to films are brilliant and will make history as classics!

        (So, Customerrules2109, please know what your talking about before you post dumb comments. Thanks!!)

        These films are slightly more believable than most films and leave you thinking for example in number one right at the end when the police came in and shot Katie the bathroom light switched on and then off again very small effect but stuck in my mind. I think a 3rd movie is needed! Only flaw in paranormal activity is the rubbish endings? I want to know what happened to the baby? and the daughter (forgot her name) and maybe the nanny as well? I hope they do make a 3rd, I can’t wait to see it! :)

        • PA Fan

          When did the police ever come in and shoot katie? What are you talking about here? I’m lost…

          • Lulz

            paranormal activity had 3 endings filmed, the original ending is what hes talking about but after parmount bought the rights they filmed 2 more endings of which one was shown in theaters

          • there are three endings to the first paranormal activity …the ending where the police shot katie was the original ending before they changed it to the one we all saw in theatres …and the third one can be seen in the dvd …so yea

      • Guest

        he said saw was different
        maybe you should learn some english

  2. Taylor-rulez

    the second movie is aright but the ending is actually pathetic!!! and like no scary stuff happend!

    • Sambroza

      to say the ending was pathetic is quite ignorant of you…i bet you were shaking in your lil boots when the “scary stuff” happened.

  3. Hlover76

    @Taylor-rulez- I agree with you! PA1 did it for me but PA2 was not as scary. It made me jump about 2 times but it did not keep me up at night like the 1st one did. Katie getting pulled out of bed was actually creepier than Christy getting dragged into the basement. They could’ve done better with the ending.

    • chickenstrip

      i laughed during PA1 and i went to sleep a few hours after i saw it. but PA2 i think scarred my mind. i was scared till the next day and i dont think i slept at all that night and im always thinking before i go into a place thats dark.

    • Bekah

      it wouldn’t keep you up all night on the second one because you know what to expect. More scary shit happens on the 2nd one.

  4. Ray

    Neither of them scared me, but I would definitely say 2 was better, simply because of all of the camera angles and the opportunity to see more of what was going on. I like the idea and hope they make at least one more. Maybe explaining where this demon came from, or even showing it going after Ali.

  5. Linda

    I think paranormal activity 3 is going to be about Ali the daughter, trying to figure out what happened in the past. To find out reasons why did the great greandmother make a deal with a demond for money and maybe save her little brother?

  6. Serynnasj

    I loved Paranormal Activity 2! You guys should REALLY make a 3rd one! If so the topic should be on Christy’s step daugher. Now that she’s older. It would make GREAT viewings.

  7. I hope they make a third! I love these movies!

  8. Thomas

    In the third movie you can do one of two things: 1- you can go back and tell how it all began and blend it all together or 2- Take on a new family or group of people that move into the house not knowing what is inside.

  9. Chemchic1

    You can’t go back to when the sisters were kids. Home cameras were crappy back then. It wouldn’t be the same if there was no servallience of some kind. I like the idea of Ali trying to find her brother. There needs to be a hero to this story so it can end right!!!

  10. Dmarins

    Ash vs Demon kidnaper (Paranormal Activity 3)

  11. Evettep1

    Yuh mean ALI :)

  12. Evettep1

    Or it could be about a group searchign for hunter and they have cameras and they capture everything and blah blah blah i dont know :/

  13. paul

    have baby hunter gets found who knows where…ali and hunter move into a relatives house (family dead now) nobody knows where possessed katie is but ali fears where she maybe and on nights on video katie walks through house possessed at night caught on camera but cops can’t find her in neighborhood, but continues to disappears next morning while family does what they can to prevent katie ….blah bla blah or when katie and kristi were living together before they moved out of their own home or add another entire family cousin, parents, grandparents….we got a whole bloodline that can be attached to this before or after the incident…on another side script to this story that we are unaware of in another house with some strings attached to this story ….so many things you can do!

  14. Txbroadcaster

    I like maybe having a Ghost Hunters type show investigating one or both houses…it allows for use of the doc style cameras.

  15. Hidemydesires

    I love how people come on these things just to argue.

  16. Hidemydesires

    I love how people come on these things just to argue.

  17. Bekah

    I don’t think you should make any of it gory, i think PA3 should just be like the 1st one and 2nd one but without the horrible gory endings, with no blood. That kills it abit for me.

  18. Bekah

    I don’t think you should make any of it gory, i think PA3 should just be like the 1st one and 2nd one but without the horrible gory endings, with no blood. That kills it abit for me.

  19. Nisa_73

    paranormal activity wa awesome ! but i really2 don’t understand PA3 :/

  20. Nisa_73

    the ending of PA3 was a lil’ confusing :O .. i dun really get it ! does katie’s mom died / how cme on the first film , she’s still alive ? katie even call her mom after she saw her picture on the attic ????

  21. Nisa_73

    and her grandma was behind all of this ? she’s so MEAN !!!! she even killed her own daughter ! and bte is Dennis their stepdad or jst their mother’s boyfriend / does their mom and dad divorced ?

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