China continues to expand.  This probe aims to reach the far side of the moon

China’s current mission is a key component of their ambitious space program. By 2030, the country plans to send astronauts to the moon. In the previous mission, four years ago, the Chinese brought back about 2 kg of lunar material and took samples from the visible side of the Moon – from the basalt plain in the Ocean of Storms.

This time they targeted the Antarctic region that is not visible from EarthIt is the Apollo crater. China is intensively developing its space program and would like to gain an advantage over other countries in this area, which especially worries the Americans.

I’m afraid so [Chińczycy] First they will get there, and then they will say: “This is our territory, stay away,” – NASA head Bill Nelson told the US Congress.

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The Chinese continue to expand into space

Studies from orbit have shown this The Aitken Basin contains an increasing proportion of iron, titanium and thorium. When China’s mission succeeds and Chang-6 delivers samples from there, it will be possible to confirm whether this place is really rich in these minerals.

Moreover, specialists point to the area around the Moon’s south pole as the best place to build a manned lunar station. China intends to establish a base there and send its astronauts by 2030.

Within four days, Chang-6 is scheduled to enter polar orbit around the Silver Globe. The lander that will land at the bottom of the Apollo crater It will dig into the ground and take up to 2 kg of samples.

It will then be placed in a capsule that will be launched into orbit around the moon in a few days. Chang-6 is scheduled to take over there. Ultimately, the sample capsule is scheduled to land in Inner Mongolia, China. The Chang-6 mission is expected to last 53 days.

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