The Marvel boss didn’t want Jackman to return as Wolverine
Although Hugh Jackman bid farewell to the role of Wolverine in the movie “Logan,” he will return as the Marvel mutant in the movie “Deadpool & Wolverine.” Interestingly enough – contrary to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s suggestion. Why did the producer advise the actor not to return to the role of Wolverine?

Kevin Feige doesn’t want Jackman’s Wolverine?

I said, “I’ll give you advice, Hugh. Don’t come back.”“, recalls Kevin Feige in an interview with Empire magazine. The producer believes that Jackman had one of the best farewells in history in the movie “Logan” and this should not be reversed.

However, Hugh Jackman admitted that after speaking to Feige, he went on a long trip to think things over: I traveled for an hour. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I got out of the car, I called Ryan Reynolds and said: “Ryan, if you need me, I’m here.”

However, the latest trailer for “Wolverine & Deadpool” revealed that the returning Wolverine is not the same character we said goodbye to in “Logan.” See for yourself:

The movie “Deadpool Wolverine” – trailer

“Deadpool & Wolverine” – what do we know about the movie?

“Deadpool Wolverine” The premiere will take place in July. The project was riddled with misfortunes (including last year’s strikes by screenwriters and actors). The premiere was postponed several times. Ultimately, this will be Marvel’s only live-action cinematic production this year.

The film celebrates the addition of mutants to the MCU. “Deadpool Wolverine” It is the first installment in the series since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. It also marks the first R-rated Disney film in many years (and the first in MCU history).

The stars of the production are, of course, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The cast will include many well-known figures from 20th Century Fox. For example, Pyro by Aaron Stanford.

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