1.5 million crowd |  Madonna Seduces Rio in ‘Historic’ Concert

(Rio de Janeiro) A global star, a dream city, a legendary beach. Madonna met her fans during a memorial and free concert on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday evening.

Just before 11 o’clock (10 p.m. [heure de l’Est] On Sunday), the “Queen of Pop”, dressed all in black, appeared on stage and sent the crowd into raptures through the performance. Nothing Really MattersA song of resilience.

Around 1.5 million people were expected for the biggest concert of the star’s career. Visitors sit on the sand, but enjoy a breathtaking view from dozens of boats in the sea.

While the show was heralded as “historic” for days, the 65-year-old American pop star embarked on “The Celebration Tour” style to celebrate his 40 years of career, innovation, brilliance and scandal.

On a glorious fall day with summer temperatures, fans, mostly in swimsuits, flocked to the massive 800-meter-high stage to vibrate as much as possible.2.

Photo by Sylvia IZQUIERDO, Associated Press


Alba and Roxy Ruda, two Argentinian sisters aged 48 and 46, bought plane tickets months ago when word of the concert got out.

“When I was nine years old, my older sister, who died last year, gave me my first Walkman with the cassette “Like a Virgin” that introduced Madonna. “Since then we haven’t stopped listening to her. For this reason, coming here is connected to our relationship as sisters,” says Alba. .

To add to the pressure, several DJs including Diplo, an American turntable ace, took turns during the night to bring the fun to the “world’s biggest dance floor”.

It was time for the Queen to leave her palace, or rather her palace: the famous Copacabana Palace, a haven for Hollywood and pop stars for decades, where she was staying with her family for the week.

Madonna walked down a catwalk set up for the show, which led her directly to the stage.

Police are out in force on every street in the crime-prone neighborhood.

Memories and Practical woman

“Are you ready?” » (“Are you ready?”), he started on his Instagram account a few hours ago. He shared three pictures, in two of which he brandishes the Brazilian flag and another of him wearing a national soccer team jersey with the number 10 and the letters “Ciccon” stamped on it, his name in civil status.

After 80 concerts in Europe, North America and Mexico, the Rio show was a finale, but a twist of fate, while a serious bacterial infection sent the singer to intensive care in June 2023. And left fans all over the world in awe.

Photo by Leonardo Benazzato, Reuters

In front of the Copacabana Palace and along the beach, souvenir vendors increased their stocks and prices during Madonna’s time, an atmosphere reminiscent of the festivities and lightness of the Rio festival in recent days, which ended almost three months ago.

Father don’t preach, Beautiful island, Practical woman… It’s impossible to escape the Queen of Pop’s classics, covered everywhere.

Brazilian pop star drag queen Pablo Vitor and a group of young people playing carioca funk percussion – a soundtrack of Rio’s favelas – are set to take the stage on Saturday evening.

Also confirmed is Brazilian singer Anita, who introduced Rio Funk to the world.

Three planes and 270 tons of equipment landed in the “Wonderful City” with the American star, experienced in high-precision pyrotechnic shows.

The event is a major event in Rio. The concert will generate 293 million reais (53 million euros) for the local economy, the town hall calculated, contributing 20 million reais to the estimated production cost of 60 million.

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