Quebec “Steam” day: Other stars get in on the meth duff madness

Planning to eat hot dogs on Monday to celebrate Quebec “Steam” Day Are you totally on board with Moth Duff’s crazy ideas? You’re not the only one, because many public figures have decided to get into the game.

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Among these personalities, notably Melissa Bedard went so far as to sing a song for the event.

“I woke up one morning and there was an audio message from Melissa, who composed a song for me on Instagram. But she gives herself, she sings. “You need a tune for your May 6th,” he explained in an interview on LCN.

Faced with Mathieu Dufour’s determined interest in establishing Quebec Hot Dog Day, Ricardo decided to give him a special gift.

“Ricciardo sent me his hot dog steamer, which he released a long time ago. I got messages from people working in stores: “We don’t have it in the branch yet, you already have it”. They were jealous, they were angry with me,” said Matt Duff, whose idea was very He was happy to see the merger.

Other stars Annie Villeneuve and Christian Bégin have also commented on the comedian’s most recent release on the subject.

“Yes to all that!!! It’s on the agenda and on May 6, in your name, my networks will vaporize!!!” the host underscored. Curiosity is the beginning The singer called Math Duff “awesome”.

For his part, singer King Melrose also took an interest in the event. “It was put on the agenda and repeated once a year,” he said.

Finally, actor Guillaume Lambert tried to add his little salt.

“Do we dress up like Ti-Mé and add another layer?” He wrote in a comment.

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