It cost him 600 thousand.  Zloty.  It looks like an ordinary house, but there is a secret hidden inside

The house measures 10x12m and consists of eight shipping containers. On the first floor there are two of them and the floors of two other floors are used.

The inspiration to build such a house came while watching a TV show about designing houses from around the world. – An architect in Ireland turned four shipping containers into a single-family home. After this incident, when my wife went to bed, Somewhere up until three in the morning, with a piece of paper and a pencil in hand, I started planning the first concepts for the house – said Maciej Kukla, owner of the house and champion of the Idea for House program.

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15- and 20-year-old shipping containers have been adapted to meet construction needs and cut into pieces at the factory. The owner coordinated the work at every stage and also took care of the finishing work.

Where can you see the container character of a home? Indoors – for example in the living area, where container floor frames replace ceilings. Underfloor heating has been replaced with infrared mats under the panels, powered by electricity from roof-mounted photovoltaic panels.

As the owner explained, the local development plan required the roof to be gabled. In the attic you can see the skeleton of a shipping container without walls. There is also a parents’ bedroom and a large wardrobe.

They were looking for savings

In my son’s room, two dividing walls were created for the wardrobe. According to the owner, this was a cheaper solution than making a custom-made wardrobe. In addition, there are hidden columns that support the container on the upper floor.

The container house passed the test when the outside temperature dropped below -20°C in winter. – The temperature in the house was 22 degrees Celsius. There was no condensation due to the use of mechanical air circulation and a recovery device specifically designed for this space. We save 80% of heating costs. Maciej Kukla explained that fresh air is injected back into the house.

Construction was carried out in 2020 – the average cost for developer level ranges between PLN 250,000 and PLN 280,000. Zloty. The rest is on finishing, where the average cost is about 2-2.5 thousand. Polish złoty per square meter This gives us the full amount of 600,000 PLN for the entire building – Accountable owner.

“Idea for home”

“Idea for home” is a program from Wirtualna Polska in which Kuba Jankowski shows subtle and impressive designs of houses, apartments and apartments. Here you will find houses up to 35 square meters, a modest summer house built for PLN 6,000, and a modern single-family house for PLN 1 million.

We will also answer the question of how to build cheaply and quickly, with what technologies, whether wooden houses are durable, how to effectively insulate the house, protect the container from condensation, etc.

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