Spain.  The refrigerator caused a widespread fire.  10 people died

Officers determined that a faulty refrigerator was the cause of a major fire in Valencia, in which 10 people lost their lives. An accidental spark ignited the material emerging from the device. The fire quickly spread throughout the skyscraper and spread to neighboring buildings. The accident led to the destruction of 138 apartments.

The tragic accident occurred on February 22 in Valencia, in the Campanar region. But only now The reason has been revealed This tragic event.

New facts about the widespread fire. An item from the refrigerator caught fire

Levante-EMV newspaper reported that police experts had determined that the likely cause of the fire was… Ignition of a flammable substance – Isobutane, which is the recommended refrigerant for use in home refrigerators. It turned out that the isobutane had begun to leak and was ignited by a spark from the back of the refrigerator.

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Shortly after the fire, investigators speculated that this was the case It started after some electrical appliances failed. However, the police report released stated that there were no electrical problems with the refrigerator. In order to clarify all circumstances, the investigation remains open.

Earlier, the court found that there was no basis for the claim that the fire was the result of a person committing a crime. He said it could be an accident. The investigation has been resumed In the last week of April, at the request of the families of the deceased.

A block of flat fire in Valencia. Many deaths

The fire broke out on the eighth floor of a 12-storey building All 138 apartments were destroyed. Strong winds also spread fires to nearby buildings.

Lives were lost during the accident 10 people. The remaining residents of the destroyed building were temporarily housed in buildings in the Safarnar area. These apartments are owned by the city.

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