Almost 200 people have lost their jobs in the film industry in Quebec

April continued as Quebec’s animation and visual effects studios lost 200 jobs.

The recent screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood hit the industry hard, and it remains in full expansion until 2022. In addition, we should not forget the recent reduction of the tax credit applicable to the salaries of workers in this sector by the Legault government.

RodeoFX and Productions Double Negative (DNEG) were among the companies that cut their staff.

RodeoFX, which specializes in visual effects for movies and TV series and animation services, was particularly active with 85 layoffs. The Montreal company declined to comment on the reasons for its significant staffing move.

Federal aid

Last year, RodeoFX received a $1.5 million reimbursement contribution from the federal government to fund a $3.75 million expansion plan.

Before its downsizing, the independent studio had 900 employees in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Los Angeles.

It also hit Double Negative Productions (DNEG) hard, laying off more than 100 employees in two-week waves.

TNEG created the visual effects for the films Hill Denis Villeneuve has 10 studios worldwide, including three in Canada. DNEG employees are affiliated with the International Alliance of Stage, Theater and Motion Picture Employees (AIEST).

According to the Quebec Cinema and Television Bureau, 42% of workers lost their jobs between 2022 and 2023 (from 8,037 to 4,663).

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