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Netflix She once again flaunted the top ten of the most popular movies and series on her website. The platform has been doing this regularly since November last year. Each week, the site publishes lists of the most viewed products, both worldwide and by country. They can be checked at top10.netflix.com.

Back-to-back Top10 ratings are based on the total number of hours for a particular title viewed by users around the world. The new methodology replaces the previous audience measurement model, which summarized the number of accounts on which a specific movie or series was watched for at least two minutes in the first 28 days after its first viewing on Netflix. The site publishes four lists each week: lists of the ten best films and series – two separate for English and non-English productions. Netflix also shows local Top10 ratings for over 90 countries, including Poland. The platform announced that each season of the series will be measured separately, which means that more than one season of the popular Netflix series may appear in the weekly Top10 list.

South Korean dramas are in the top three

Last week (February 28 – March 6), the thriller “Leaving Weekend” was a huge hit among all the Netflix viewers. Based on Sarah Alderson’s novel about Leighton Meester (known from the series “).gossip Girl‘) for the first time among English-language productions. Weekend Trip” is the story of two friends who went on vacation to Croatia. One of them disappeared during the trip. The other is trying to find out what happened to her, but every subsequent clue According to data provided by the streaming platform, Netflix users worldwide have spent over 44 million hours in Watch “Weekend Departures”.

The second English language film is another film that debuted in the ratings. This is the Danish-Icelandic drama “Fighting the Ice” by Peter Flint. Based on the true story of a Danish expedition in 1909 in which two men traveling through Greenland in search of a lost map must fight to survive. Drama stars Nikolai Coster-Waldau (better known as “”games of thrones”) and Joe Cole (“Peaky Blinders”) Last week, Netflix viewers spent more than 30 million hours on “Fighting the Ice.”

A little less (over 26 million hours) is comedy from third place: “Family Reunion in Madea” by actor, screenwriter and director Tyler Perry, who returns as the gossip and honest lead with his new friend Brendan O’Carroll. This time, Madea is getting ready to welcome her family as they come to town to celebrate her grandson’s graduation.

The world’s most-watched non-English-speaking film turned out to be the French feature crime thriller No Respite, which took first place for the second week in a row. In the plot description, we read: “The life of a corrupt cop goes to great lengths to hide an incident that spirals out of control when a secret witness begins sending him threats.”

Next up is the South Korean movie “Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”, which is a continuation of the 2014 blockbuster movie “Pirates”. The third place in the ranking was the Russian film “Chernobyl 1986”, which revolves around a heroic firefighter who works to repair the damage caused by a nuclear disaster.

The number one English-language Netflix series around the world is the first season of “Vikings: Walhalla”, a story about the next generation of “Vikings”. The series jumps to the first place compared to an impressive result. Last week, Netflix users around the world spent over 113 million hours on it.

He has taken second place since the first season – three weeks after being the leader – the second season of the drama “Who is Anna?”. This is a nine-episode series by Shonda Rhimes about a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delphi, the legend InstagramHe stole the hearts and money of New York City’s social elite.

The podium in this category concludes the first season of the thriller “Puzzle” based on the bestselling novel by author Karen Slaughter and starring Emmy Award winner Tony Collette in the title role. The series description on the Netflix website reads, “After a brutal attack in a small town, revealing a hidden threat and dark secrets, a young woman combines elements from her mother’s mysterious past.”

When it comes to non-English series, productions coming out of South Korea (after”squid gameor ‘Hellbound’), the ‘juvenile justice’ court drama about a judge who adjudicates in a juvenile court and does not suffer juvenile delinquents, yet is guided by an unwavering sense of justice when passing judgment on complex cases.

Then there’s the Colombian melodrama “Café con aroma de mujer” and another South Korean series – the thriller “We’re All Dead” about the school’s zombie virus epidemic.

Top 10 best Polish movies and series on Netflix

And what do Polish Netflix viewers watch the most? It turned out to be almost the same as in the top three in the world ranking. Because most of the time was devoted to the thriller “Departing for the Weekend”. Second place is the Polish comedy “Futro z misia” (2019) with Olaf Lubaszenko, Michał Milowicz and Cezary Pazura in the main roles. In third place was the drama “Fighting the Ice”.

Netflix data shows that in the case of the series, the Poles have also made similar choices in the past week as viewers around the world. The first place belongs to the sequel “Vikings”, the series “Vikings: Walhalla”. In turn, the first season of the thriller “Puzzle” is in second place, and Shonda Rhimes’ drama “Who is Anna?”

On Netflix, Ukrainian subtitles

Netflix is ​​the most popular VoD platform in Poland. She does not reveal how many subscribers she has in our country, but According to a Mediapanel survey in January of this year. The platform was visited by 14.66 million Polish Internet users, each of whom spent an average of 6 hours and 32 minutes on it. In both stats, Netflix scored the highest among VoD platforms.

last week Netflix suspended all Russian projects and resigned from acquiring Russian production rights. Platform not complied The regulator of the Russian telecom market Roskomnadzor has ordered the distribution of 20 local television stations, incl. Advertising news channels.

Last weekend, Netflix in Poland made available Ukrainian subtitles for series and movies available in their Ukrainian version. The list of products available on Netflix in Poland can be checked with Ukrainian dubbing at this address.

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