Russell Crowe is still at work.  This time he will fight the cartel – Filmweb
Russell Crowe reunites with “Unpredictable” director Derek Borte. This time, the gentlemen will prepare an exciting story called “Bear Country.” Crowe will play a club owner who deals with a drug gang.

“Bear Country” – plot

The hero of the film is the elderly club owner. One day, he was robbed by a masked bandit. This event makes his dreams of abandoning everything, selling the company and driving out into the blue with his lover, more distant than ever. To make matters worse, he is targeted by dangerous gang members.

The basis of the plot is a novel by Thomas Perry called “Tape”. The screenplay was written by Borte and Daniel Forte.
One of the film’s producers, Mark Fasano, announced that Bear Country will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, offering plenty of thrills and twists.

Russell Crowe – Latest Projects

After “The Book of Mirrors” and “The Hostile Zone”, Russell Crowe will soon appear on the screen in the show “Kraven the Hunter” with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role. Currently, the Oscar winner for “Gladiator” (also nominated for “A Beautiful Mind” and “The Informant”) is working on the historical film “Nuremberg,” in which he plays Nazi Hermann Goering.

Russell Crowe in the trailer for Kraven the Hunter

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