Not many will fly to China.  Polish carrier with another ban

  • LOT Polish Airlines will not fly to China from April 18 to May 15
  • The ban was imposed after a case of coronavirus was detected in 12 passengers on a flight from Warsaw to Tianjin, which took place on March 2.
  • LOT Polish Airlines said in a statement that similar restrictions also apply to other airlines
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Polish reporter from China, Tomasz Sajewicz published a post on Twitter informing about the penalty imposed by Beijing on LOT Polish Airlines. A temporary ban on flights to China will apply to our carrier from April 18 for a period of four weeks.

Restrictions were imposed on the detection of 12 cases Corona Virus For travelers who traveled on March 2 on the Warsaw-Tianjin route.

Polish Airlines LOT with another ban on flights to China. Restrictions are expected to apply until mid-May

temporary ban flights to China for LOT Polish Airlines It is related to China’s announcement of defeating the Corona Virus Pandemic. The Chinese do not want to allow new infection centers to spread in their country, so they have introduced a system in which they impose deterrent penalties on carriers that carry passengers infected with the COVID-19 virus.

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Polish airline LOT has already been punished twice by China with bans in the past. The most recent was related to a flight to Tianjin on December 30, 2021, when five passengers on board were found to have tested positive for coronavirus after landing. The Polish carrier was then banned from operating two flights to Tianjin, the Rynek Lotniczy portal reported.

Regarding Tomasz Sajewicz’s reports about the new ban on flights to China by the Polish LOT, the airline’s press office sent a statement to the aviation market, confirming the date of the ban and stating that Restrictions of a similar kind are also imposed on other carriers.

We would like to inform you that, prior to traveling to China, all passengers must be tested with antigen and PCR testing at facilities approved by the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw. The Chinese Embassy checks every test and passenger who goes to China. Despite these precautions, the Chinese authorities once again informed us of the positive results of COVID-19 tests among the passengers. This will suspend Polish LOT flights to China until May 15. According to the information we have, similar problems apply to other airlines that fly to China – we read in the statement of Polish Airlines.

source: aviation marketAnd the aviation market

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